Review Submission Policy

The review policy is as follows:

As our name suggests, we review Interracial and Multicultural Books of all genres and heat levels and sexual orientation. We will not accept any works that negatively portrays any race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. This is a safe place.

At this time, we are not accepting self-published books for review.

Our reviewers pick the books they will review. We do not guarantee a submitted book will be reviewed.

Please fill out the form here, Then, email the form, a PDF of your book and your cover image  (200 x 300) to us at irmcbooks @  Place “REVIEW” in the subject line.

Our reviewed button

IRMC Books Rating Guides and Buttons

Rating guide: Gold Heart(s)
Gold Heart: Ok
Gold Hearts: Good
Gold Hearts: Enjoyable
Gold Hearts: Excellent
Gold Hearts: Recommended
½ half a Gold heart can be added as well.

Our Recommended button

IRMC Books Team members’ Recommended books will be displayed on our front page in a slide show for a week.

Heat rating: Gold Flame(s)

No Gold Flame: Physical Intimacy occurs off scene or has none
Gold Flame: Kissing and touching fade to black
Gold Flames: Kissing, touching and loving
Gold Flames: Kissing, touching, and loving in detail
Gold Flames: Graphic Kissing, touching, loving and other taboo play
Gold Flames: Graphic Kissing, touching, loving, BDSM, and Multiple partners
½ half a Gold flame can be added as well.


Review Policy

The review policy is as follows:

We will provide an honest respectful review of the work submitted.

We do not want books that will promote hate against any group be that for race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. This is a safe place for all.

We won’t post reviews lower than three hearts on the site but will forward them to person who requested the review (author or publisher).

What we provide:

All reviews will be posted on IRMC Books blog, Facebook, GoodReads and Amazon. The link to the review will be emailed to the individual that requested the review including buttons.

All books reviewed by IRMC Books reviewers’ were provided to us by the author or publisher. We have a ZERO piracy tolerance.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact the Review Coordinator Dahlia DeWinters at irmcbooks @ Hotmail . com.

Are you looking to become a reviewer? Got to our GET INVOLVED page and complete the form.

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