Fridays Featured Cover Art – Curvaceous by Marilyn Lee


Blurb ~ 

After years of pretending friendship was all she wanted, Cherica gets a special Christmas present, a long night of ecstasy with Jayson Calihan. The magic of the previous night evaporates when Jayson informs her he wants still wants to be friends—this time with benefits. Cherica, who wants so much more, has to decide if she’ll ring in the New Year as Jayson’s woman or as his former friend.

Publisher’s note: Cherica and Jayson also appeared in Full Bodied Charmer.


Excerpt -It’s Christmas, Cupid by Drea Riley



It’s Christmas, Cupid! (The Naughty Klaus Collection) by Drea Riley – Romance>African-American

With Nick and Jessica cooling their heels in Key West, the Klaus children are tasked with running Christmas. Nothing but shenanigans could come from this arrangement. Or murder if Jaq has to spend winter babysitting the son of Cupid.

Amur knew Jaq would rather kill him than speak to him. And he’d stand still and let her do it, but he’d prefer it to be as the French say ,“la petite mort.”

He’d be willingly die a thousand times as long as it was between her thighs


“You are so beautiful when you smile like that.”

His deep voice washed over her. She hadn’t seen him approach her car, let alone noticed that he’d opened the back door and was tossing his bag in.

“Amur, you startled me!”

Jaq twisted around and meet his blue gaze. She was all prepared to blast him with chilly indifference, but once her eyes locked on to his, she was lost. His broad shoulders filled the back of her SUV, making it feel more like a compact economy car than a large off-road capable truck.

“Breathe,” he whispered.

Jaq blinked several times before taking a breath. Until he spoke, she hadn’t realized she wasn’t breathing. She felt her face flush, and immediately spun away from his eyes. What the hell was that

“Hurry up and get in,” she groused, barely waiting until he folded his large frame into the front seat before pulling away from the curb.


Amur bit the inside of his cheek as he hurriedly closed the door to the SUV before it could become a casualty of its owner’s ire. He cast a sidelong glance at Jaq and had to bite down harder to keep from laughing outright.

She was trying so hard to steel her features and pretend he wasn’t in the car as she navigated through the airport traffic while fiddling with the radio—turning the volume up way past a tolerable listening level.

He wondered how many ways she’d curse him if he suggested they stop and get something to eat.

Leaning his head back against the seat, he settled in for the long drive. He knew if he spoke to her now, he’d just irritate her more, and that wasn’t going to be conducive to his plans.

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Fridays Featured Cover Art – Is This Love by Bridget Midway


Blurb ~

Rocco Silva has zero interest in getting in front of the camera again. After being eliminated, not once, but twice when he competed on “Slave to Love,” a reality TV show where a submissive looks for a Dominant, he’s become the laughing stock in his BDSM and professional communities. He pours his full concentration on his work as the owner of a garbage company until a sexy woman walks into his life.

Gia Curtiss is tired of her work as a staff photographer in a discount store. After earning her filmmaking degree, she wants to put her education to use by doing a documentary. After a friend tells her of an opportunity to work as a production assistant for Ananda Morton, the producer of “Slave to Love,” Gia decides to see the woman about a different proposition. She pitches the idea of doing a documentary on the twice-rejected contestant from her show. Ananda doesn’t think the man will do it and challenges Gia to get him to agree. If he does, Ananda will hire her as a director.

Gia thinks she has it made until she runs into opposition with Rocco. He has no interest in making a fool of himself again unless Gia agrees to go on camera with him, allowing him to play with her.

When Gia gets caught up with playing with Rocco, it’s hard for her to discern what’s real and what’s just for show. Can she figure out her feelings before filming ends? Will he allow himself to be vulnerable for this special woman?


Fridays Featured Cover Art – Because You Are Mine by Lena Hart


Original publication May 2013. Re-released under different publisher with new cover and new epilogue.

Blurb ~

Broken bonds…
Growing up, Cara Sinclair and Drake Ross shared an undeniable bond… until they found themselves in a fight for their lives. Drake soon learns that betrayal cuts deep, and the connection he and Cara once shared is irrevocably shattered.

Twelve years later, fate conspires to bring them back together. Drake has been hired as the new Finance Director for a prominent consulting firm–and as Cara’s new boss. Yet while they struggle with their reawakened desires and unforgotten passions, Drake is left more uncertain of the past that tore them apart.

An impenetrable love…
But the love that binds them proves impenetrable. And when light is finally shed on the secrets that haunt them, Cara and Drake soon discover that danger still lurks… and betrayal cuts deeper than they could have ever imagined.

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Fridays Featured Cover Art – Hold On Pain Ends by Shyla Colt


Blurb ~
When Hospice Nurse, Birdie Larkin loses two of her favorite patients back to back, she decides to take a leave of absence and spend summer with her sister in New Mexico. The only thing on her mind is relaxation, reconnection with her family, and healing. Fate has other plans. From the minute, she meets Clue, a connection forms. Undeniable, all consuming and complicated, their bond lands her neck deep in his struggle to deal with his mother’s failing health. To have the future she once dreamed of, she must face the ghosts of her past and have the courage to move toward the future.
“Clue “Nigel Gibson is drowning. Caring for his cancer-stricken mother, dealing with grief, and handling Dueling Devil’s MC business has stretched him to the breaking point. When his mother opts to end her Chemo treatment, he’s thrust into a world of darkness, anger, and confusion. Then Birdie appears bringing hope, clarity, and a chance at love. The innocent girl sparks emotions inside him, he’s never experienced. Determined to claim her, he sets out to show her how a real man treats his woman.
If they can both hold on through the tough times, they’ll find that pain does end.

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Friday’s Featured Cover Art ~ Because This Is Forever by Lena Hart


Blurb ~

The decision that tore them apart…
Former hopeless romantic, Mia Trent, is crushed when the love of her life, Nate McArthur, reveals that he doesn’t want to get married–or have children. But it’s too late. Mia is already pregnant and her dream of “happily ever after” is sharply put to an end when she decides to keep her pregnancy a secret, refusing to force him into a life he doesn’t want.

The compromise that made them a family…
Five years later, Mia must reach out to Nate for help or risk losing her home and shelter for their son. Stunned and outraged by the sudden news of his child, Nate proposes a compromise: give him the summer to get to know his son and he’ll save her home. Yet with Mia back in his life, Nate isn’t willing to lose her–or their son–again. What starts off as a temporary arrangement soon becomes a chance at rediscovery and becoming a family. Only Nate must convince his jaded dreamer that his love for her is true…and will last now and forever.

Original publication October 2013. Re-released under new publisher.

Excerpt Monday ~ Snake’s Salvation by Aliyah Burke


Blurb ~

Snake’s Salvation (Cottonwood Falls) by Aliyah Burke – Romance>Contemporary

Two people with painful pasts can create something spectacular with each other.
Jason “Snake” LaRue was a Navy SEAL. Now he’s not and he has trust issues and memories he can’t forget no matter how hard he tries. His one solace is a woman who works at the local diner who chases away the darkness in him. But would she ever consider a man with his past?
Loretta Swann has given up art and now works at an all-night diner. Running from her past, she up and goes when the mood strikes. Her one shining moment a day is when the ex-SEAL graces the establishment. An impulsive kiss makes her wonder about something more with him. But when she learns what he wants, will she run again, or stick around to be Snake’s Salvation?

Excerpt ~

“Get it together,” she muttered and knocked.
Water ran off her body as she knocked once more and waited to see whose home she’d stumbled onto in the middle of the night. I really need to find out where more people live around here, then perhaps, I wouldn’t be scared standing here.
The door opened, and she held her breath, only to promptly lose it. Crap on a cracker. She’d found her way to Jason La Rue’s residence.
He stood there on the other side of the screen door, wearing a pair of jeans that were open, allowing her to follow the trail of dark hair down below the waistband until she could see no more. Happy trail for sure… Bare feet and no shirt, the man was a walking ad for every single fantasy she’d ever had and some she’d not had.
No matter how hot he was, it was his eyes that got her. They were haunted and overflowing with pain. His features smoothed out, leaving her with a blank slate.
With a deep breath, she opened her mouth. “I’m so sorry to bother you, but my car broke down back there, and I was hoping I could use your phone to call Junior to have it towed. I saw your light was on.” She gave a small smile, which fell away when he didn’t return it. “You know what, never mind. I’ll just walk. Again, sorry to have bothered you.” Pivoting on her toes, she hurried down the steps back out into the rain. “Stupid, stupid idea.”
His deep baritone easily cut through the rain to her, and she stopped. Facing him once more, she waited. He walked across his porch and continued on down to where she stood. His broad shoulders blocked out most of the light from his place so she couldn’t see him well. Feel his presence? Most definitely.
“Come inside.”
He gripped her arm and guided her back up and, this time, into the house. One lamp glowed, illuminating the shiny wood floors. She froze by the door, and he looked at her.
“I’m soaked. I don’t want to mess up your floors. Is the phone near?”
“No phone.”
“You don’t have a phone?”
He tilted his head at her. “I have one. The storm knocked them out.”
“Oh.” She didn’t know what else to say. “I should go, then.”
A simple word but one he made sound like an order, and the back of her neck prickled. “No?”
“It’s dangerous out there on nights like this. You can stay until light.” He gestured for her to follow him.
She walked up the stairs and trailed him into a bathroom where he gave her a thick towel and a large shirt. “Hope you don’t mind wearing one of mine.”
Mind? Not in the least. “Thank you.”
“Bedroom is two doors down on the right. Good night, Etta.” Then, he left her alone.
She took a hot shower and dried quickly before drawing on his shirt. His scent surrounded her, and she burrowed her nose into the material before shaking her head at her actions. She padded down the carpeted hall to the bedroom he’d mentioned to find a full-size bed in there with a dark blue bed spread. No sign that he stayed there.
“Why would he put me in his own room?” She dragged her fingers along the material and sat on the edge. Her stomach growled, and she rubbed it. “A bit longer before I take care of you.”
A crash sounded from downstairs, and she was dashing down before her action registered. Jason stood there in the kitchen by a counter, blood dripping from one hand.
“What happened?”
His gaze was vacant and unseeing as he stared off at something only he could witness. Outside, the thunder grew closer as lightning jagged across the sky. She swiped a towel then reached for his hand. “Jason?”

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Excerpt Monday ~ Asian Persuasion – The Beginning by Kassanna


Blurb ~

Anjula Matthews loved people but a betrayal by the ones closest to her left her hesitant to trust again.
Choi Jin Woo wanted to live his life free of the obligations his family placed on him. He chose to leave and start anew.
Fresh with new beginnings, both meet under unusual circumstances leading to an unexpected attraction…Only someone isn’t happy with the budding romance and will do anything to stop it.
With obstacles that seem insurmountable, their feelings for each other will be tested. For Anjula, Choi Jin Woo is willing to be her shield but will he be able to withstand the blows that will batter their relationship to keep them together.
***Cliff Hanger***

Excerpt ~

“Hi.” Jin Woo quickly waved.

“Hey.” She grinned.

He opened the door for her, and placed a hand at the small of her back to guide her in. They chose a small table at the back of the café. She wasn’t classically beautiful and looked nothing like the Korean women he usually dated. “Anjula, what would you like?” He enjoyed the way her name rolled off his tongue.

She shrugged. “Nothing. I just wanted to see if memory served me correctly.” She shut her mouth with an audible snap.

Jin Woo leaned in close, invading her personal space. “Are you satisfied with your finding?”

She swayed closer, and inhaled. “Why, yes, I am, but don’t let me stop you from getting what you want.” She eased back and grinned like that Cheshire cat in a fairytale he once read.

“What do you think that might be?” His night was not going the way he expected, and her interest excited him. English was his second language; he had to think before he spoke. He took the seat opposite her to give him more time to respond.

“Oh, I don’t know; what would you usually get when you go out late at night to meet someone?”

His smile turned mischievous. “I will say sex would not be unexpected. But I don’t believe you to be that easy. Am I wrong?”

She tilted her head and smirked. “No, you’re right.”

“Tell me, then, if you could have anything tonight, what would it be?” His heart rate sped up in anticipation of her answer.

“Anything?” She pursed her lips. “I’m going to need a little time to think about this.”

“Take all the time you need.” Their verbal sparring was making his erection hard enough to crack stone. He shifted in his seat and took her hand. Jin Woo flipped her palm side up and skimmed his fingertips along the lines indented in her skin. “Looks like you will have an amazing life.” He brought her hand to his mouth, and brushed his lips against her knuckles.

“Are you a palm reader, Choi Jin Woo?” She tugged her hand free.

“No need to be so formal. No, but I am sure of my ability to satisfy a woman.” The waitress stepped up to their table.

Anjula’s smile deepened and she ducked her head. “I hear the coffee here is great.”

He looked up at the server. “Two coffees, please.”

“Thank you. I always pass this place on my way to work, but never actually stop.” She lifted her head.

She was captivating. That was it. “I come in all the time. A few of my students’ mothers work here. What do you do, Anjula?

“I’m a child psychologist. I have a small practice on Main. And what about you? You mentioned students, are you a teacher of some kind? What do you teach?

“I teach martial arts at Masters Academy for Martial Arts.”

“Masters?” Realization lit up her eyes. “Choi Jin Woo. Those studios are yours.”

He chuckled. “Most Americans don’t realize we say our surname first.”

“My best friend is Korean. Everything I learned about Korean culture I learned from her.”

“Interesting. Please tell me more about you.” The attendant set their drinks down in front of them and moved on to the customers a couple of tables away. He nodded his thanks.

Anjula told him about her practice. She told him about her pro bono work with underprivileged children. They talked about likes and dislikes, their enjoyment of the outdoors and open markets.

At one a.m., their waitress asked them to leave. It was already fifteen minutes past closing, the chairs had been put up, and the floors had been mopped. Another man clutching an apron in his fist waited at the entrance.

Jin Woo stood between her and the stranger as they left. Outside, they stopped at her car, and Anjula rested against the driver’s side. Jin Woo propped himself against the front panel, close enough to touch.

He ran his fingers down her cheek. “I would like to see you again.”

She lifted her chin. “Call me and maybe we can get together.”

“I would like to take you out for a proper date.” He dropped his hand.

“Didn’t we just have one?” One corner of her mouth lifted in a half smile.

“Okay, a longer one, then.” Jin Woo switched gears, easing closer. His mouth was inches from hers. “I want to kiss you,” he whispered.

Softly, he placed his lips against hers with just the slightest pressure and touched nothing but her mouth. He traced his tongue along the seam of her mouth. She opened for him, slipping her tongue past his teeth. Fresh cream and a hint of sweetness burst across his taste buds. He pulled away, tugging her bottom lip between his teeth before breaking off the kiss.

Jin Woo sighed against her mouth. If he continued, there was no way he would be able to stop touching her. His heart beat so quickly he could hear the thump in his ears. He gripped her shoulders and pulled her away from the vehicle. “You need to go home.”

She gazed up at him with wide eyes, and touched her lips.

“Call me when you get there.” He opened her door and urged her in before trotting past the car and crossing the street. Jinn Woo dug the cell out his pocket. He scrolled through his log and tapped her number. Shrill rings filled the ear piece.


He peered at her through the windshield. “I wanted to make sure my number was the first on your list.”


“Drive safe.”

“All right.” She pulled onto the empty lane.

“Don’t forget to call me when you get home.” He wasn’t ready for the night to end.

“I won’t. Goodnight.”

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Excerpt Monday – Wilde Blue by Susan Hayes


Blurb ~

Dani Moore barely escaped her abusive marriage. Six years later, she just wants to raise her little girl in peace. When she learns that her ex-husband is out on early parole, she goes into hiding, adopting a new name and starting a new life far away from the man who tried to kill her.

Detective David Wilde learned the hard way that romance and police work don’t mix, at least not for him. Since his divorce, he’s kept his heart closed off and his focus on the job. For Dave, being a cop isn’t only a career, it’s a way of life that defines every choice he makes…until he meets Dani.

Hired as the new cook at his family’s bar and grill, Dani’s a sweet and sexy package that brings light and color back into Dave’s life. When that light is threatened by Dani’s past, Dave will do whatever it takes to protect what’s his.

Can two battle-scarred hearts find the strength to love again, or will an act of revenge destroy their future before they’ve even begun?

Excerpt ~

Dave had stopped pretending that he didn’t desire her. There wasn’t any point in continuing to deny it. Refusing to admit something was true didn’t make it any less real, and it was past the time he faced the truth. He wanted Dani.

Now came the hard part, remembering how the hell to open himself up to another human being. Being alone was easier, but from the moment he’d felt the warmth of her touch being alone stopped being an option. At least, it stopped being one he would accept. He’d never failed to achieve a goal once he’d set his mind to it. He wanted Dani and her little girl in his life, so he’d find a way to make it happen.

He cleared the table, then wandered into the kitchen, earning himself the evil eye from the cook for entering her domain. He knew the look well. It was the same one his mother directed at anyone who dared to set foot in her kitchen when she was cooking.

“I know, I’m in the way.” He threw up his hands and grinned at her as he took a step backward. “Could you point me in the direction of the silverware drawer?”

Her eyes widened and she stared at him in bemused silence for a moment before pointing to a drawer to his left. “In there.”

He retrieved cutlery for them both and went to lay the table, only to find her still staring at him. “Something wrong?”

“I’m just not used to anyone offering help. I swear my brother Thomas doesn’t know where the cutlery drawer is in my parents’ house.”

He shrugged and went back to the task at hand. “Mom was determined to instill manners in all of her boys. Since I’m the oldest, I had the strictest upbringing. It sucked, but at least I learned a few useful things, like how to set the table for someone kind enough to cook me dinner.”

“Remind me to thank your mom next time I see her and to find out how she did it. Casey protests every time I try to get her to do something to help around here. Like the dishes all weigh five hundred pounds and she’s physically incapable of putting her shoes away.”

Dave laughed. “I said she was determined. I didn’t say she was entirely successful. Tag’s a total slob, and Benji can’t do laundry to save his life. I’m not much of a cook, and Nicky…let’s just say he’s had some interesting career choices and is probably the main reason Mom’s hair turned gray. At least, that’s the story I’m going with.”

Dani was smiling as she came around the counter, carrying two plates laden with bacon and a perfectly folded omelet. “So that’s why you’ve been around Leo’s so much? You’ve been avoiding cooking for yourself.”

He pulled out her chair for her, summoning up manners he hadn’t used in years. “That’s part of it, yes. Can you blame me? You’re a hell of a chef, Dani.”

He waited for her to sit, then leaned over so that his mouth brushed the shell of her ear and he was breathing in her delicate scent as he finally made his confession. “But then I got to know you and Casey better, and that changed. I’ve been coming to Leo’s to see you, sunshine. It just took me awhile to admit it.”

He hadn’t intended to say anything yet. He certainly hadn’t planned on kissing her, but when Dani turned her head toward him, instinct took over. He claimed her mouth with his, savoring the silken warmth of her lips. He shifted to the side of her chair, cupping her cheek with one hand as he drew her in closer, craving more of her touch.

Her lips parted beneath his and a low moan vibrated against his mouth as she kissed him back. She reached up and twisted her fingers into the collar of his shirt, pulling him even closer. And with that small action, she broke the last of his control. It had been too long since he’d held a woman. Too many nights spent alone. The walls he’d built to keep the world at bay came crashing down, only to be washed away in a flood of carnal need.

He stood, drawing her up with him until he could pull her into his arms and hold her properly, their bodies crushed together and her soft curves molded against him. He kissed her again, slipping his tongue into her mouth to dance with hers. She reached up with her free hand to touch his face, stroking her fingers through his hair.

They clung to each other for one immeasurable moment with their mouths mated and their bodies intertwined. This was heaven, or as close to it as he’d ever been. Her scent surrounded him and her taste was in his mouth, branding his senses. She was as lost to their attraction as he was, her kisses as demanding, her hands moving over him as she explored his body.

By the time he lifted his head, his cock was throbbing in time to his pounding heart. He didn’t move far, just enough to put a few inches of space between their lips. When he looked down at her, she was staring back with eyes still dark with passion.

He opened his mouth to say something. To apologize for kissing her without permission, but before he could say anything, her kiss-swollen lips parted into a smile.

“And here I’d finally convinced myself that you weren’t interested in me,” she murmured, still smiling up at him.

“Surprise,” he said, then grinned back at her. She was so damned beautiful it took his breath away. She was also strong, smart, and brave.

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