Four Part Series – Irish Sugar – Meet Kieran O’Shea

People call me crazy…how can the devil’s son be sane? Ruthless, merciless- psychopath, I revel in the fear I inspire. Those who stood against us will pay. I have always watched out for my brothers, their pain is my pain. Nothing will ever stop my vengeance. Look into my eyes and know it’s already too late. I know who I am and what I want – I don’t ask for anything. I will just take it and once claimed, I dare anyone to come at me…I am Kieran O’Shea and hell is my playground.


As the oldest son of a reputed gangster, Paddy O’Shea, Kieran only goal in his youth was to survive and protect his brothers in the process. They all bear scars from the hellish environment  they were forced to  endure in and each sibling formed a different skill to cope. Kieran choose to focus on his studies, seeing a way to become better than the man that sired them. He embraced his pain and utilized the knowledge he’d gleaned over the years to propel him in another direction, legitimacy. And he was determined to take his three younger brothers with him.  First though they had to destroy the people holding them back. He started planning the demise of his father and his fathers crew as a teenager.

Nothing ever goes as smoothly as intended. Kieran met a woman with a temper  to equal his own. It was known that no one was to ever put their hands on Derrica Ward. Someone did and all hell has broke loose.

Blurb ~
Kieran O’Shea gave less than a damn about pretenses. He’d seen the ugliness of life. Wallowed in it. Survived it. Then took it up a notch, and thrived in the chaos.

His one redemption, Derrica “Rica” Ward. She was the beam of light in his dark world. Until a bastard took her…he was reclaiming what was his.

The devil has name, it’s Kieran O’Shea and he’s bringing hell with him.

*** Please note the books can be read in any order. ***
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