Four Part Series – Irish Sugar – Meet Fionn O’Shea

Ice fills my soul. Nothing matters to me but my brothers. I’d kill for them. Every death chips away at the hint of humanity still clinging to me. And when the day comes to pay for my misdeeds… I don’t think about that….Until then I will bask in my transgressions allowing the passion of my chaos to keep me warm. I’m the thing you fear when darkness surrounds you. If you’re in my crosshairs, you’re as good as dead. My other name is death, I am Fionn O’Shea. I’ll bring your pain. I am your suffering.

Fionn O’Shea is the middle child. Death became his friend at a young age allowing him to cope with the atrocities performed against he and his brothers. Other than his siblings he completely oblivious to those around him, living or the next job. He take pride in his work…Until he gets a task that could cost him whats left of his soul.

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Before, I was cold inside. Dead. I detached myself from the kill even as each one ate at my soul. Before.
Then she appeared. My target. Thankfully, she wasn’t targeted for death because it would have marked the only time I’ve ever failed my brothers. No way could I harm her. I knew it from the first moment I saw her there would be no harming her. What I didn’t expect was to be so captivated with her I started to realize there would be no life without her.
One way or another, I will have her. I will do what need to be done, but she…is…mine!

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