Four Part Series – Irish Sugar – Meet Conall O’Shea

I’m a wolf in sheep’s clothing hiding in plain sight. My dual nature allows me to walk in two worlds. I take every opportunity to play on the dark side. The world is my stage and the people my prey. Always on the hunt, I’m the one you don’t expect until it’s too late, and my 9mm is at your temple. Darkness claims my soul, and has molded me into who I am. But to my brothers I am whole, even human and that’s all that matters. Call me Conall O’Shea, the damaged, cold, and ruthless killer.


The youngest brother in the O’Shea clan, Conall watched the  abuse his brothers endured and felt the blows of the beatings. Only they cut deeper than his skin. Like his brothers he learned quickly to hide away that part of  himself that might be perceived as dangerous. But for his brothers the world would know his bite was much worse than his bark.

Blurb ~
Conall O’Shea has the world at his feet. There was no one else like him. He could rub elbows with Boston’s elite, and in the very next moment, put a bullet in his enemy’s head. No one dared challenge him. If you were unlucky enough to get on Conall’s bad side, you’d better run. His world was exactly how he wanted it. Until HER.

Tatiana Barbosa barged into his life and turned his world upside down. He desired her. He craved her. Nothing would stop him from having her. The only question was could she accept him for who he was, including the darkness that resides inside.


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