Articles from September 2015

Fridays Featured Cover Art – Race for Love by Nana Malone

Blurb ~ Up and coming racecar driver, Kisima Jennings, is all alone in the world and that’s exactly how she likes it. Who has time for family or friends? She has to keep the pedal to the floor before the career she’s worked so hard for goes up in smoke. But when a near-fatal crash […]

Excerpt Monday ~ Still In Love by Delaney Diamond

Blurb ~ Three years ago, Nadine Alesini divorced her husband and left Buenos Aires with her daughter in tow. Now she’s back and forced to spend time with the man she left behind. Cortez Alesini long ago accepted that his music career aided in the demise of his marriage. So he didn’t expect that he […]

Fridays Featured Cover Art – Until The End Of Time by Nikki Winter

Blurb ~ Sansone Sultana has a problem. A problem that stands just a few scant inches over 5 feet and carries his surname. 3 years into a marginally unholy matrimony and his wife is on the warpath for a baby; a baby that he’s all too happy to oblige her with. However, there seems to […]

Excerpt Monday ~ Every Breath You Take by Eve Vaughn

Excerpt ~ Matt stood up, taking her hand in his. Brandi shivered; she felt that same spark she had felt when they had first shaken hands. Snatching her hand from his she backed away. “Umm, you know what, Matt? I think I should head out.” Disappointment seemed to wash over his face. Damned if she […]

Excerpt Monday ~ Seduced By Chocolate by Celia Kyle

Blurb ~ Charlene owns Charly’s Chocolate Factory, where she produces premier sexual favors in all kinds of chocolate flavors. She loves her small chocolate shop and business is booming. If only she had a little somethin’ somethin’ to share her life with… Linc manages the Dewitt building for the owners and has been charged with […]