Articles from August 2015

Excerpt Monday – The Arrangement by Thayer King

Blurb ~ For Ariadne Morris, it was enough that her boyfriend dumped her for her cousin, but then she finds out that they plan to announce their engagement at the annual family reunion. Spending time at the beach with friends seems like the perfect getaway. Unfortunately, Asher Hollister, her high school nemesis, shows up. Asher […]

Friday Featured Cover Art ~ Loved by The Sheikh by Eve Jordan

Blurb ~ Loved by the Sheikh (The Billionaires’ Society) by Eve Jordan – Romance>Contemporary Jenny’s been burned. Bad. So when she starts dating Sheikh Sadiq Zahin, she vows to protect her heart and just have fun while it lasted. But once Sadiq has her in his bed, he has no intention of ever letting her […]

The Right to Love and Race.

“We are not  born for hatred but raised to to believe in it.” This quote was made anonymous.  To me that is one of the saddest commentaries I have read. Over the years some people have fought for the right to love whomever be they different races or gay/lesbian or hell, alien purple people eaters. […]

Fridays Featured Cover Art ~ Finding Faith by Reana Malori

Blurb ~ Cooper Branson wasn’t ready to move on. His life was just fine the way it was and no one could make him change. At least, not willingly. He wore his Widower badge with honor and forced himself to live his life only for his daughter, Madison. Falling for his attractive neighbor was not […]

Thursday Thoughts: Friends become lovers?

I love me a good romance trope; secret babies, friends to lovers, enemies to lovers, etc. I’ve created an entire series on the premise of friends to lovers called Destined for Love. I think what I enjoy most about this type of trope is I get to be the observer, I’m in on the experience, […]

Please Welcome Afton Locke in Hotspot Tuesday

*What do you find the most difficult to write? Dialogue? Back story? Emotion? I find dialogue and plot the easiest to write. I do those during my rough draft. However, I layer in more depth to my stories during my edit phase. Here, I refine the character arcs, make physical attraction characteristics consistent, and add […]

Excerpt Monday ~ Hearts & Diamonds by Nichelle Gregory

Blurb ~ Passion sparks the moment Nia unknowingly meets federal agent Rios. Nia Sanders knows diamonds. She appreciates the heart-felt emotions of her customers buying them. When federal agent, Quin Rios saves her life in the middle of a violent jewel heist, she finds herself attracted to the sensual possibilities beneath his uber professional, self-contained […]

Fridays Featured Cover Art ~ A Spy is Born by Lexington Manheim

Blurb ~ A Star is Born (Escapades of an Erotic Spy) by Lexington Manheim – Romance>Historical America Guns may win a war, but pillow talk can cause you to lose one. That’s the philosophy of 1918’s most erotic secret weapon—Dexeter Foxxe. She’s sexy, shrewd, sneaky, smart, and spins a yarn like nobody’s business when she’s […]

Thursday Thoughts: Time on my hands

I recently made a life transition and quit my job. A lot of thought went into it, mostly because it was my main source of income and mortgages don’t get paid on one income in our household. This leap wasn’t to focus on writing exclusively, but with the direction I’m planning to take my career […]

Interracial release – Shiftin’ Sassy by T.J. Micheals

Blurb ~ Derria, like her cousins at Pryde Ranch, is trained to take down the worst shifters imaginable. After chasing her bounty into the Tail of the Dragon, she discovers that this mountain gem is shifter central where they’ve managed to keep themselves off the world’s radar…until now. Lakota Phillips keeps his status as a […]