Articles from July 2015

Thursday Thoughts: Get ur freak on

I feel the story of my life (and subsequently my blogs) is focused on my constant dithering around my writing process. Currently, I’m facilating between letting books on my backlist stay in the way back of the list or letting them out to play. In my self induced angst I began rereading some of my […]

A little something about Xyla Turner and her book releases

BOMBSHELL: Tired of dealing with the sexist, dominant men at her corporate job, Samantha Wilde started her own company. After hearing some life-altering news, she literally bumps into a man who knows what he wants regardless of her situation and is willing to pursue her no matter the costs. Joshua Kelly is a successful business […]

Excerpt Monday ~ Shifter Magnetism by Stormie Kent

Blurb ~ Voluptuous witch, Leila Barclay, isn’t expecting to be drawn to a sexy enemy wolf shifter, Nic Lobo, and be targeted by a murderous sorcerer in the same night. Her savior is the very same wolf shifter who turns out to be a detective. To save her life, they exchange pieces of soul magic. […]

Fridays Featured Cover Art – Beauty and The Brute by Nikki Winter

Blurb ~ Wily behavior wasn’t, by any means, a new thing to Noel Haddon. He saw it on the field with every training camp, every practice. He saw it when he stared opposing team players in the eye and let them know he’d be taking their glory before the game was done. However, he’d tout […]

Except Monday ~ A Santini Takes the Fall by Melissa Schroeder

Blurb ~ A man avoiding his destiny. Anthony Santini is happy with life. The former Marine is now working a dream job for NCIS in a dream location: Hawaii. He’s watched his cousins and now his siblings fall into the Santini Curse and that is not for him. Not yet. He’s happy to play the […]

Fridays Featured Cover Art – Alpha’s Voodoo by Haley Whitehall

Blurb ~ With her reputation in tatters, debutante Violet Creed is forced to exchange her life of luxury for one of uncertainty. Mark Afton wants nothing more than to take his rightful place as the leader of the Bayou Pack, but he needs a mate. Is Violet Mark’s destined mate, or is their attraction merely […]

Thursday Thoughts: One of these things doesn’t belong here…

Have you ever written several pages of scene that you feel is epic, beautiful even, and adds such depth and breath to your WIP you’re amazed the words came from your brain? Well, have you ever done that, and then noticed that this phenomenal piece of prose has no context to the story that you […]

Friday’s Featured Cover Art ~ Ample Delights by Nichelle Gregory

Blurb ~ NOTE: This is a previously published work. The title, author, and/or publisher may have changed. Beauty, brains and voluptuous curves… Terrah’s exactly the kind of woman Nick’s been looking for, but can he convince her that the smokin’ hot chemistry between them is more than skin deep? Terrah Bryant embraces her curves despite […]

Fridays featured Cover Art Intensity by Aliyah Burke

Blurb ~ Two people whose intensity for one another may be their downfall…or heaven. Grey Sorenson, Navy SEAL, has had a thing for Sarah for years. Problem is when they’re together the sparks they put off aren’t all good. Sarah Mallery loves serving in the USMC. Her life would be perfect if not for the […]

Thursday Thoughts: Lovely little distractions

Such is life, I’ve lost the thread of Papa Dragon and Henry Wolf’s stories. What I don’t seem to have lost is the ability to parse together scraps of narrative between unnamed characters with no past, present, or future. I think of them as snapshots, and though they are lovely little distractions, they are distractions […]