Articles from March 2015

Thursday Thoughts: Putting myself out there

Good lord! I almost forgot it was Thursday and I’m supposed to be sharing my thoughts. This week at work as been a world wind and needless to say, I’ve been trying desperately to keep my head above water. There has been a bright light ahead and also a bit of nail biting as well, […]

Excerpt Monday ~ Amory’s Mate by Nevea Lane

Blurb ~ Running in the woods through deep snow in the middle of the night wasn’t a good idea no matter who you were. Running through the woods at night, during a blizzard with a stolen laptop, several stolen microchips, and two goons chasing you was an even worse idea. Angel Harmon was always full […]

Thursday Thoughts: Re-wind and try again

I’m trying to get some writing done, and have been moderately successful with putting words on the page, but as it often turns out, I’m stuck. It’s not the fly paper stuck that has me trapped and thrashing around in desperation trying to set myself free. This feels more like I’ve stalled my car and […]

Excerpt Monday ~ Savor by Aliyah Burke

Blurb ~ When you slow it all down, you’re allowed to savor. Piers Cuyper is a single father. His son, having withdrawn since his mother’s death, needs a teacher who will bring out the best in him. Piers found that teacher in London Rhymes. But that wasn’t all he found in her. London Rhymes loved […]

Fridays featured Cover Art – Alien Intent by Jaide Fox

Blurb ~ Taken from Earth, Jasmine Gray and the other abductees awaken on an alien spacecraft, bound for a faraway world and a doomed civilization. When a rogue virus destroyed all viable females, the men of Chalcydon are forced to look elsewhere for brides—and the unlucky Earthwomen are their only hope to save their dying […]

Thursday Thoughts: In other news I’m focusing on writing

This week has been a bit of a roller coaster for me. Last week, I blogged about a situation that is continuing to happen as I type this blog. I guest posted for Women’s History Month on blogger Limecello’s site, about what it means to be an erotic romance writer and work in a field I […]

Excerpt Monday ~ The Elven King by Lexi Johnson

Blurb ~ Sade Hughes needs to get out of the city for a while. Her crazy, drug-dealing ex-lover wants her back, and he’s promised to find her, one way or the other. But when Sade takes refuge in the sprawling country farmhouse she inherited from her grandmother, things go from bad to worse as a […]

Thursday Thoughts: Keep on keeping on

When I first started writing I thought getting the words from my brain onto a page was going to be my hardest task. I constantly have plots swirling around in my head, and when it comes to wrangling them into linear thoughts, it can be tough. It’s unfortunate that I’ve quickly learned that the art […]

Excerpt Monday ~ Enslaved: Brides of the Kindred 14

Blurb ~ Anything for you Mistress… Thrace S’ver is an unwilling slave. Drugged and bound, he is taken to the Flesh Bazaar and put up for sale to the highest bidder. But this is not the first time Thrace has been on the auction block—he has a past full of horrors he doesn’t intend to […]