Articles from February 2015

Thursday Thoughts (On a Friday…Oi!): A little help from my friends

It’s been a really hard week for me being a woman, being an author of women’s fiction, being a feminist, and being black. I felt like every time I turned around one facet of my being was being criticized, minimized, barraged by hate, and generally not respected. When all those parts of me got meshed […]

Excerpt Monday ~ Starting Over by Marteeka Karland and Shara Azod

Blurb~ Scarlet is on the run. In fear for her life, she flees her boyfriend’s bookies and goes into hiding. Fortunately, her best friend has given her a copy of a want ad. It seems an elusive weapons designer — one suspected of murder — is in need of a housekeeper. Throwing caution to the […]

Fridays Featured Cover Art – On The Edge of Love (Mama’s Brood) by Shay Rucker

Blurb ~ Zeus, the newest and most unstable member of a group of mercenaries known as Mama’s Brood, is given the order to protect Sabrina Samora. Sabrina knows beyond a doubt, the only person she can truly trust is herself; letting anyone else in will inevitably lead to disaster. Problem? Zeus has no respect for […]

Thursday Thoughts: The uncomfortable situation

I’m on yet another business trip, in a place that is far too cold for my Southern California sensibilities. That means my down time is spent catching up on the reading I’ve been too busy to do the last few weeks. Going away for a bit as a reader and coming back to the genre […]

A Different Kind of Hero by Eden Royce

If you see me on social media, I’ve branded myself as a horror and dark fiction author.  But what many people don’t know about me is that the first story I ever had published—aside from that four line story in the newspaper when I was five years old—was a romance/erotica story. Recently, I’ve decided to […]

Thursday Thoughts: Life got in the way

I’d plan to devote today’s blog to Valentine’s Day, the art of writing love, the beauty of the Happily Ever After, but I was presented with information that has completely zapped my ability to look on the bright side. It happens sometimes. I’ll be pumped to put words on the page, or craft a new […]

Featured Blog Post ~ Rooster & Pig Publishing

Rooster & Pig Publishing, Inc. is a publishing house that started years ago in New York. At the time the one thing we knew for certain was that we didn’t want to discriminate against any writer, any genre, or any word length. There are many publishers out there who only publish heterosexual romances, only publish […]

Excerpt Monday ~ His Flight Plan by Yvette Hines

Blurb ~ Last thing he expected was to be captivated by her and have his heart take flight… Kiera Stanfield is tired of making bad choices when it comes to men. Her socialite mother and business mogul father haven’t faired any better when it’s come to matchmaking for her either. Believing the right man will […]

Fridays Featured Cover Art – In Deep Kimchi by Imari Jade

Blurb ~ Erotic romance author Shaundra Morrison thought there was nothing in the world her handsome white boss Harper Kehoe could offer her to get her on a plane bound for Tokyo, including free use of his body for the duration of the trip. Becoming a member of the mile high club intrigued her but […]

Thursday Thoughts: The business side of things

Tax time is upon us and as always I’d like to pull my covers over my head and forget that it’s happening. I’ve decided to add “Doing Taxes” to the list of things I detest about being a responsible adult. I understand the importance of paying my taxes, but dear lord, why must it be […]