Articles from January 2015

Fridays Featured Cover Art – My Dragon, My Dom by Dulce Dennison

Blurb ~ Contains Consensual BDSM and M/M sex It’s the holiday season and sparks are going to fly… Corbin Richters has been through one partner after another since joining the Blueberry Hill Police Department. But when he’s assigned a new partner, his dragon wakes up and takes notice. As if keeping his dragon under control […]

Thursday Thoughts: Writing outside the box

I was on Tumblr the other day and came across a post that resonated with me even after I fell down the rabbit hole of *coughs* stuff that’s on Tumblr. I don’t remember the details, but the gist of it was how the author of the post felt about fanfic. More specifically, how fanfic allows […]

Excerpt Monday – Till We Ain’t Strangers Anymore by Aliyah Burke

Blurb ~ Sometimes a stranger isn’t a stranger at all, but the one you’ve needed all along. Brent ‘Killer’ Agers is on leave. He needs to heal up and is tired of dealing with stuff around him so he takes a drive, ending up in Haversham, MT, deciding to rent a cabin and recover that […]

Friday Featured Cover Art – Warped by Shyla Colt

Blurb ~ Imprisoned in the sex industry her entire life, Taffy’s offered a fresh start among the Dueling Devils. She takes the chance and christens herself, Symone. Struggling find her way in a new life full of independence, she gains the attention of a massively built biker with a tragic past. Scarred by the fire […]

Thursday Thoughts: Naughty thoughts

I’m in the process of looking at my backlist and deciding what gets released back into Universe and what doesn’t. Having recently gotten the rights back for Intimate Encounters, my book of romantically inclined shorts, I started thinking about how much I enjoyed writing those stories. I love short stories, particularly ones that capture a […]

Saturday Free Reads

A Christmas Wedding: Desert Kings Book 2.5 by Jennifer Lewis In A CHRISTMAS WEDDING, Sam Al Kilanjar attempts to negotiate her first holiday season in a country with different customs, a big fat Ubarite wedding and the arrival of her drama-loving family, all without losing her mind—or her beloved, who is called away to deal with […]

Thursday Thoughts: All thought out

Writing my blog is usually a breeze. Something catches my attention and BOOM I’m at the keyboard typing away. It’s a marvelous feeling actually because I have a lot of thoughts about subjects from the extraordinary to the mundane. I also enjoy sharing my thoughts because, come on, why wouldn’t anyone want to read them. […]

Excerpt Monday – An Unexpected Attraction by Delaney Diamond

Blurb ~ They didn’t mean to fall in love… Brenda Morrison has known Jay Santorini for years, but he’s off limits. He’s her friend’s ex-husband, and except for one slip-up, they’ve always had a platonic relationship. But now that she’s back in Atlanta, the smoldering attraction between them is much harder to resist. Jay has […]

Friday’s Featured Cover Art – Quality Control by Tuesday Morigan

Blurb ~ Casimir Johan (C.J.) Claus, St. Nick’s nephew is not happy to be banished to the ice wasteland of Frost Falls, Minnesota to manage the geriatric gifts center until he spots Maya, the head of quality control, a dark, plump, and curvaceous elf. Maya Lacey is focused on making sure each and every gift […]

Thursday Thoughts: Back in the saddle again

Vacation is officially over and I have found myself back at work. It’s a bit sad, I must confess, because I’d become accustomed to the delusion that I did not have to work for my supper (or to pay my mortgage) for the last week and a half. I don’t actually hate my job, but […]