Articles from December 2014

Fridays Featured Cover Art ~ The Experiment by Shara Azod and Marteeka Karland

Blurb ~ “It’s perfectly natural. I’ve read studies that say a lot of women don’t have orgasms.” When Isaac overhears Mira say she’s rarely had an orgasm with a partner, he decides to prove to her orgasms are very, very possible. Link ~

Thursday Thoughts: Glad tidings

It’s Christmas early afternoon and I’m still in bed. This is a glorious thing because, yeah, I’m still in bed, undisturbed and toasty. I don’t have children and for me the holiday continues to evolve into something different from my childhood. Presents are of course a constant but the amount and value changes from year […]

Excerpt Monday ~ Falling For Mr. Unexpected by Inge Saunders

Can Emma fall for Mr. Unexpected when she doesn’t believe in Mr. Right or even Mr. Right Now…? Primary school teacher Emma Cupido compares the notion of “The One,” with believing in the Tooth Fairy. When the school holidays starts, she heads for her brother-in-law`s beach house in Strand, South Africa and stumbles on more […]

Saturday Free Reads

I Want It All (The Saga of Cody and Jade Book by Sunny Giovanni Growing up together is the easiest part of a friendship but when you’re adults and feelings blossom it seems as if life tends to be much harder than it really is. Cody and Jade couldn’t be more familiar with one another but what […]

Thursday Thoughts: Come on get happy

The end of the year is looming ahead and I woke up a few days ago committed to seek joy as the transition to the New Year begins. It’s been a rigorous year and as weeks count down I’m still go, go, going and feel as if I’m spinning like a top. We celebrate Christmas […]

Saturday Free Reads

The Realest Ever by Keith Thomas Walker As children, Donovan was Kyra’s only source of love. Fifteen years later Kyra returns to Overbrook Meadows, battle-scarred and weary. Donovan is eager to comfort her, but Kyra’s body still yearns for the one kiss they shared many years ago…       The Billionaire’s Demanding Lover (BWWM Romance) […]

Friday’s Cover Art – Blood Claimed: Tainted by Selena Illyria

Blurb ~ Syrus was seeking revenge. Jessye was just trying to adjust to having a new leader. Their desire burns hot, but the past and stubbornness stands between them. Syrus will claim Jessye as his consort and gain the revenge for the murder of those he loved. Jessye will submit to him. Like hell, Jessye […]

Thursday Thoughts: Not my fantasy

I am still embroiled in a love affair with my knitting needles and the horde of yarn I’m determined to turn into projects. This means my reading has been switched to an audio medium and I’ve decided to tackle the back log of my TBR list. There are books that I’ve been determined to read […]

Friday’s Featured Cover Art – Wolf At Law by Heather Long

Blurb ~ Long before Mason left Willow Bend, Ryan met his mate and brought her home…this is the prequel to the Wolves of Willow Bend and the story of Ryan and Tiffany. Ryan Huston serves the pack in all their public financial dealings. Connected politically and personally, he possesses a unique ability to segue into […]

Thursday Thoughts: The language of sorrow

It’s not a new thing for me to struggle with the words needed to craft the story that’s in my head. I’m slightly neurotic and prone to dissect every word that passes from my brain to my fingertips. I want it to be perfect, or as close to perfection as my imagination tries desperately to […]