Articles from October 2014

Fridays Featured Cover Art ~ Full Circle by Chudney Thomas

Blurb ~ He’s waited years for her… In a pack of werewolves, a half human isn’t exactly at the top of the food chain. Half-human, half-werewolf, Ria Marlett knows her place in the pack. And she knows exactly how the pack’s alpha, Drake Neilson, views her; as a convenient lay. So far she’s managed to […]

Thursday Thoughts: Turning of the wheel

Tomorrow is my most favoritist holiday of all time, Halloween. I’m a little bit behind the 8 ball when it comes to having the house in order for my party and the mini haunted house/garage thingy with scary stuff that is mostly cheesy, but I’ve requested the day off and am filled with excitement at […]

Excerpt Monday – The Perfect Storm by Rhonda Laurel

Blurb ~ Sometimes you have to tear everything down and start over… Private security specialist Samantha Jane Carson gets the surprise of her life when she arrives at Blake Enterprises for the annual security audit. Instead of her usual contact, she’s greeted by the company president himself, the sexy and elusive J.J. Blake. It’s her […]

Saturday Free Reads

A Moment (Moments Series Book 1) by Marie Hall and Anne Victory A Moment… I killed myself tonight.  Or at least I tried. But a woman I do not know refused to let me die. Liliana Delgado wrapped me up in her slim arms and told me things would be okay. But she doesn’t know the […]

Friday’s Featured Cover Art ~ Two Weeks in Geneva

  Part One Blurb ~ An unplanned trip could lead to unlikely love… Quinn Jeffries is having a bad week. After a coworker is injured, she finds herself in Geneva, Switzerland with the fate of her architectural firm, not to mention her own job, resting on her shoulders. All Quinn wants is to save her […]

Thursday Thoughts: Age ain’t nothing but a number?

I’m working on re-writing a WIP so it fits nicely into my Destined For Love series, and I’ve got a heroine I’m struggling with to find the right voice for. Okay, here’s the caveat of this statement (or tangential explanation I will give in my usual long winded manner), my heroines are usually women I […]

Wednesday’s words – One readers review of Ensared by Charisma Knight

I like alien books, call it what you will but they are my favorite. When I see one released I don’t hesitate to but it and like a heavy set kid in a candy store my mouth waters and my palms itch in anticipation. I must find a quiet corner to bask in the words […]

Excerpt Monday ~ Bewitching the Vampire King by Selena Illyria

Blurb ~ A stubborn witch vs a vampire king…who will win on Halloween? Bridget is a witch who has been given a sweet deal—nab a rogue vampire and score a big payday, but she must deliver him within twenty-four hours. She’ll need help from Joe, the local vampire liege, to find the rogue vampire fast. […]

Saturday Free Reads

London Lust by Renee Wyckoff Victoria is living the good life that any woman would want and that includes; being the owner of Illinois Soothing Day Spa, and marrying the love of her life who just happens to be the owner of a fortune 500 business called Fine Craft. So where did she go wrong? How […]

Friday’s featured Cover Art – Alpha Male Incorporated – Take Control by Marie Rochelle

Blurb ~ Vampire Thorsten Irizarry ignored the countless warnings from his cousin Jax to stop dating women who weren’t destined to be his mate. Why should he do it? He was only having a little harmless fun until Raya August came to her senses. She wouldn’t care about his past relationships. He knew his charming […]