Articles from June 2014

Interracial and Multicultural New Releases June 22 to June 28

The Heart’s Game (The Kelly Brothers) (Volume 4) by Crista McHugh (Jun 28, 2014) The CEO’s Pregnant Wife (BWWM Romance) (The New York Series Book 3) by Alexis Blake (Jun 28, 2014) Cherished (I Love My Marine: Enlisted Edition Book 6) by Cara North (Jun 28, 2014) Serial Games (Virginia Justice Book One) by K. […]

Saturday Free Reads

Until the Stars Fall from the Sky by Mary Crawford Jeff finally has his life back on track after deferring his dreams so he could be there for his family when they were stuck with a health crisis. As a lifeguard and a law student, he is solely focused on graduating at the top of his class […]

Thursday Thoughts: Summer Loving

It’s officially summer, dear readers, and I can’t even begin to describe how happy I am. Not only is it my favorite time of year (a crisp Fall is a close second, mostly because it’s the time of Halloween), but I feel like it’s a time for a reading bonanza. As a reader I do […]

Wednesdays Words ~ One Readers Review. Licorice Whips by Bridget Midway

Candy, candy, everywhere and at some point you have to wonder where do I start? A candy store owner who happens to be a DOM…Yes this is quite possibly the stuff of some seriously wet dreams. Well that is if your into a little BDSM. Now given the inventive ways he uses candy I can […]

Excerpt Monday ~ Jack and Diane by Lena Hampton

Blurb~ When Diane’s car breaks down during a snowstorm on an empty highway, she’s fearful of the driver of the pickup truck with the confederate flag vanity plate who stops to help. From the moment that Jack sees her warm brown eyes, he knows that his prayers have been answered. Now he just has to […]

Interracial and Multicultural New Releases June 15 to June 21

Soul Temptation (Souls Entwined) (Volume 2) by Nichelle Gregory (Jun 20, 2014) Chrome & Leather: Liars Tomb (Interracial Motorcycle Club Biker Erotic Romance BWWM) by Deep Pink (Jun 20, 2014) The Cookie Cutter House by Jocelyn G Donahoo (Jun 20, 2014) INTERRACIAL LUST AND LOVE (BOX SET) by Desiree Dyers and Jasmine Collar (Jun 20, […]

Saturday Free Reads

 Tempting Neal by Marilyn Lee After weeks of stopping short of fulfilling their desires, Tasha arrives home from work to find a present from Neal. One look at the sexy chemise and she knows he’s ready to become her lover. When he returns from an extended business trip, Neal finds the full-figured Tasha ready to tempt […]

Friday’s Featured Cover Art ~ The Deal by Thayer King

I like it. There I went there. To me it speaks of the book. I want to know what The Deal is. Check out the blurb below and tell me if you don’t want to too. Blurb~ Separating from her husband was the hardest thing Kameron Blue has ever done. But what else was she […]

Thursday Thoughts: To series or not to series?

I’m currently trying to crawl my way out of a writers slump and I’ve started going through some of my forgotten WIPs for inspiration (and a good laugh depending on how bad they are). There are quite a few that are sequels to works that are already published and it got me to thinking about […]

Excerpt Monday ~ Belle and Raine by Tressie Lockwood

Blurb ~ In an effort to learn more about the human world and its people, Luka comes to small town Aves, North Carolina. He expected to make his investigation quick and return to the simple life he loves with the snowy owl shifters. What he finds is his mate, a human woman who is unlike […]