Articles from April 2014

Wednesday’s Book ~ One Readers Review

Britt’s Protector by Shara Azod. First off its a little pricy for a thirty thousand word book when the average book for that wordage is a little less. That’s the con and I thought I should get that out the way first.  Now for the pro’s. It was worth the price and let me tell […]

Interracial and Multicultural New Releases April 13 to April 26

Unforgettable (Johnson Family)The Alexanders Volume 2: Contemporary Romance Bundle (He’s the Man, Christmas with The Alexanders, All I Need… by M. Malone (Apr 25, 2014) A Billion Heartbreaks: Part 1 (A Billion Heartbreaks: A New Adult Billionaire Romance) by By Rachel Redd (Apr 25, 2014) The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov: Volume 6 by Latrivia […]

Saturday Free Reads

September Tango: Book 1 of the Rhythm of the Heart Series by Scarlett Jade, Llerxt and Edits by V (Mar 19, 2014) Recommended for 18+ due to adult language and sexual situations.   Zoe Parker and Calvin Hall grew up together in the small town of Major, Alabama but were always separated by one person, […]

Cover Art Friday – It Is What It Is! by Brenda Stokes Lee

Blurb ~ Mykal Roman had reached a pivotal point in his life. The eternal self- professed bachelor had decided he was through running women. Mykal was ready to shred his Playa Card and adopt the role as loving husband and doting dad. To do this he must leave his hometown and the woman that made […]

Thursday Thoughts: If music be the food of love…

I’ve always found it interesting that people will quote the line from William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, “If music be the food of love, play on…”, when waxing poetic about music. Yes, it starts off being quite a lovely sentiment but as the character Orsino gets to the heart of his soliloquy, one quickly finds out […]

Hot Spot Tuesday Character Interview with Gianni by Jamallah Bergman

Interview with Gianni (The Ciprianos of Kellington) Book 3   Hello everyone, my name is Jamallah Bergman and I am the author of Book 3 in the Ciprianos of Kellington series ‘Gianni’. I really love this story because of the fact that this story is the first time I’ve ever written one with a child […]

Excerpt Monday ~ Niah’s Pride by TJ Micheals

Blurb ~ Niah Pryde is no shrinking violet. Not only is she one of the best hunters for S.W.A.T.—the Shifter and Were Armed Tactics agency—but Niah can also network a microwave tower to a satellite surveillance system with her eyes closed, and one well-manicured hand tied behind her back. So…why would she rather hide in […]

Friday’s Cover Art – Jaguar’s Rule by T.J Micheals

I came across this little gem and said – ooooo. Yeah I had to wipe a bit of droll from the corner of my mouth too. The black and white with just a hint of gold is stunning. Take a look below and tell me if you aren’t a little enticed to break open the […]

Thursday Thoughts: Food for thought

I was recently reading a romance where the author took time to describe the food the characters were eating, right down to the type of wine. Now, I’m a foodie. I love to eat and I love to eat fancy food. When you throw in a great glass of red wine, I’m in heaven. For […]

Wednesday’s Random Book – One Readers Review

I am a fan of Holley Trent books.  There I said it. Now to get to the meat of the matter. A few pages in this book had me smiling and questioning why at the same time. Its a short read and I don’t like to give away spoilers but the heroines family brings new […]