Articles from June 2013

Free Read Thursday~

Rachel Cooke loves sex, but doesn’t give it away to just anyone. When she meets Scott at the club where she sings, sparks fly. They flirt, they drink, they laugh, and go dancing. After several dances, Scott suggests they go someplace quiet and talk, but having just ended a disastrous relationship with her boyfriend/agent, Rachel […]

Please Welcome Roxy Wilson to HotSpot Tuesday!

Where do you draw inspiration from to write in the IR or MC niche? The wonderful thing about Facebook is that some people use it as a means to post interesting and informative articles.  One of my FB friends did just that; she posted Professor Ralph Richard Banks’s article, An Interracial Fix for Black Marriages […]

Excerpt Monday ~ You Called Me by Cora Blu

Author name:Cora Blu Book title: You Called Me Genre: Contemporary, Interracial, Erotic Romance Publisher: Independant Buy Link: Blurb~ When Kenya Claiborne wakes up half-naked in a stranger’s bed, and the homeowner decides to make the best of a bad situation by propositioning her, she finds herself going along with his plan because […]

Interracial and Multicultural New Releases June 16-June 22

Reno’s Gift (Mob Boss Series) (Volume 7) by Mallory Monroe (Jun 21, 2013) The Time for Love: Now! (Science Fiction Time Travel Interracial Romance) by L.A. Zoe (Jun 21, 2013) The Dominant Wife – Volume One by Rebecca Tarling (Jun 21, 2013) The Eastern Domme – Volume One by Spencer Haskell (Jun 21, 2013) The […]

Book Cover Friday

Looking through my book collection early this morning, I discovered Paradise Found by Crystal Hubbard. What an enticing cover. Totally forgot I purchased this and going to read it whenever I have a chance this weekend. Hopefully. ; p Love the cover and the blurb is promising. Check it out when you get the chance. […]

Free Read Thursday ~

Denise Right has been struggling to maintain a crumbling home life with her estranged parents and has no time for love or relationships. Adam Aggeliki held a painful family secret of his own but he knew from the first moment he laid eyes on Denise she would be the one to mend his heart and […]

Excerpt Monday ~ Deja Vu by Vallory Vance

Author name:Vallory Vance Book title: Deja Vu Genre: Contemporary, Interracial, Erotic Romance Publisher: Independant Buy Link: Blurb Darcey St. Claire is never surprised when a man is attracted to her. In fact, her style revolves around that assumption. From her short skirts to her thigh-high boots to her flirty laugh, Darcey flits along the […]

Interracial and Multicultural New Releases June 8 to June 18

The Sixth Sentinel (Adventures Through Time) by Capri Montgomery (Jun 15, 2013) The High Road by Mrs Donna S Every (Jun 15, 2013) Love By Accident by Sara Hooper (Jun 15, 2013) Otherwise Engaged by Nicole Green (Jun 15, 2013) Saving Sexy Sarah by Clarise Watkins (Jun 15, 2013) Seduced by the Pharaoh by Sheniqua […]

Free Read Thursdays ~

No matter how hard she’s tried, Nicole Pierce has always picked the wrong guy. She dumps them as soon as they reveal themselves as the cheaters and abusers they are, but it’s left her heartsore and discouraged. When she needs a date for a social function, from now on she’s going to pick one from […]

Interracial and Multicultural New Releases June 2 to June 8

Down in the Hood by Val Love (Jun 7, 2013) Computations of Flesh and Starlight I (Sympathy-B Deluxe Edition) by M.R. Adams (Jun 6, 2013) The Crawford Affair by M.R. Adams (Jun 6, 2013) Frisky In Jaipur (Indian Interracial Romance Erotica) by D.C Desai (Jun 6, 2013) Interlaced Conversations by Summer Hartmann and Talia Grey […]