Articles from April 2012

Excerpt Monday ~ Calendar Girl by Vallory Vance

Author name: Vallory Vance Book Title: Calendar Girl Genre: IR, Sensual, ContemporaryRomance Publisher: Amira Press Buy Links: Excerpt: Jason was spouting next to him, but Connor was having trouble concentrating on the young man’s account of whatever piece of tail this job had gotten him. He was annoying him more than usual this evening. To […]

Interracial and Multicultural Books Released April 22 to 28, 2012

A Love like This (Chapters 21-23) by Kimberly Lane (Apr 27, 2012) Say What You Need to Say by Jewel Adams (Apr 27, 2012) An Engagement Challenge (Challenge series) by Kiru Taye (Apr 26, 2012) Spring Ache (Vytautas) by Jeanie Johnson and Jayha Leigh (Apr 26, 2012) Calendar Girl by Vallory Vance (Apr 25, 2012) […]

Excerpt Monday ~ BayouBabe99er by Mickie Sherwood

Author name: Mickie Sherwood Book Title: BayouBabe99er Genre: IR ContemporaryRomance Publisher: Bookstrand Buy Link:http: Excerpt Sharlene awoke in the doldrums a week after the big meeting. She muddled through the morning a bit perturbed her Uncle Moot sneaked out on a compensated fishing expedition without inviting her. There was no way he misunderstood her desire […]

Interracial and Multicultural Books Released April 15 to 21, 2012

The Naughty Sins of a Saint by Tiana Laveen (Apr 20, 2012) Supposing I wanted to Date a White Guy…? by Halima Anderson (Apr 20, 2012) A Visit to Madame Wu’s by David W. Cowles (Apr 19, 2012) Working The Club – BDSM Male Dominance Female Submission Romance Erotica by Marie Shore Blood Angel by […]

Guest Blog Series (6) – AA/IR/MC Subgenre

AA/IR/MC: Are novels in this genre too marginalized?   I’m trying to understand the misconceptions and generalizations that authors and readers have about romance fiction in the AA/IR/MC category. We’ve invited readers and authors to share their views on this subject. Today we have Rebekah Weatherspoon with us today!   You’re a writer who features […]

Excerpt Monday – Something Else Wicked by P.J. Dean

Author name: P. J. Dean Book title: Something Else Wicked – The Felig Chronicles Genre: IR Paranormal, Sci-Fi Romance Publisher: Extasy Books Buy Link:http: Excerpt Nate trod across the bedroom floor, a towel wrapped around his hips. He caught his image in the dresser mirror and thought that he didn’t look too bad for all […]

Interracial and Multicultural Books Released April 8 to 14, 2012

PS…Love You, Lust You by Scott Mitchell and Lenise Lee (Apr 14, 2012) The Last Straw: A Cheating Wife’s Tale by Mallorie Griffin (Apr 13, 2012) Nina’s Story Of O Fantasy – BDSM Male Dominance Female Submission erotica by Marie Shore (Apr 13, 2012) A Love Like This (Chapters 19-20) by Kimberly Lane (Apr 10, […]

Book Cover Friday

When last we left that unlikely pair of alien slayers, part-Felig Nate Lowe and fully human Tina Cain in The Felig Chronicles, they’d finally declared their mutual love and lust in spite of the extraterrestrial Felig’s efforts to kill them and enslave Earth. In The Felig Chronicles 2: Something Else Wicked, in addition to the […]

Excerpt Monday – Afterburn by Sonia Hightower

Author name: Sonia Hightower Book title: Afterburn Genre: Interracial, Suspense Publisher: Breathless Press Buy Link: Crystal cupped his face and leaned forward to place a kiss on his lips, held his gaze with her own, and waited. Grant held her tightly, smashing her breasts against his chest. His eyes had a vacant look as he […]

Interracial and Multicultural Books Released April 1 to 7, 2012

Forgive Me, Father by Lee Patton (Apr 7, 2012) Indra (Bedtime Erotica for Freaks) by Lexy Harper (Apr 6, 2012) Hollywood Heels – Welcome to Fake City (Hollywood Heel’s) by Eva G Headley (Apr 5, 2012 No Strings Attached by Stephanie Morris (Apr 5, 2012 Fierce Heat by Celia Kyle and Lizzie Lynn Lee (Apr […]