Articles from December 2011

Book Cover Friday

To the outside world Brandon Cameron appears to have everything a man could want or need: a successful career, wealth, good looks, beautiful women, and a good name. Little do they know that Brandon feels as if his life is falling apart. In addition to having to rebuild his office after a major fire, he’s […]

Y. Correa in the HotSpot with Mahalia Levey

Where do you draw inspiration from to write in the IR or MC niche?                 My family and friends. I was raised in a very multicultural background. So, basically, interracial/multicultural is part of who I am. Therefor, it’s what I know. What do you find the most difficult to write? Dialogue? Back story? Emotion?                 […]

Excerpt Monday – Peppermint Passion by Ann Mayburn

  Buy Links: Chapter One The car door next to Shyla opened, and a frigid breeze gusted into the toasty warm interior of the Mercedes. She directed her attention to her best friend Opal’s husband, Greg, as he held his hand out to help her from the backseat. The faint lines around his dark eyes […]

Interracial and Multicultural Books Released December 18 to 24, 2011

American Sexual Histories (Blackwell Readers in American Social and Cultural History) by Elizabeth Reis (Dec 27, 2011) Dirty Little Secrets by Miss Janelly (Dec 23, 2011) Yap, Yap by Shabbu (Dec 22, 2011) Illegal Affair – Salvation Volume 3 (Sleeping With The Enemy) by Sienna Mynx (Dec 21, 2011) Sincerely Yours by Miss Janelly and […]

Lisabet Sarai in the Hotspot with Mahalia Levey

Where do you draw inspiration from to write in the IR or MC niche? I don’t like to label my work as “Inter-racial” or “Multi-cultural”, actually. I just write stories.  However, I’ve traveled quite a bit, and I now live abroad. I’m fascinated by both the blatant differences between cultures and the more subtle nuances. […]

Excerpt Monday – Rekindling the Flame by Ambrielle Kirk

Publisher: Amira Press Genre: Interracial Erotic Romance Buy Link:   Excerpt: “I still love you.” The declaration was so faint that her ears pricked up. Did he just say… “What?” Love had never been a part of what they used to have. Never spoken or hinted on. What did he mean, he still loved her? […]

Interracial and Multicultural Books Released December 10 to 17, 2011

The Christmas War (The Christmas Miracles) by L.J. Holmes (Dec 16, 2011) Santa for Christmas by Lisa Kumar (Dec 16, 2011) Winning Dawn by Thayer King (Dec 16, 2011) Swan And The Bear (Furry United Coalition) by Eve Langlais (Dec 15, 2011) Hot Ink by Ranae Rose (Dec 14, 2011) Solomon’s Blues by Josephine Garner […]

Friday Cover Vote

Today we have Elle D Hayes’ Negotiating Love and Stephanie Morris’ Too Close for Comfort. Remember, voting starts today and will end Monday December 19th at midnight, EST. Good morning folks and Happy Monday to you! I’d like to congratulate Elle D Hayes, who has gained the most votes for her book cover.     […]

Jenny Twist in the HotSpot with Mahalia Levey

Where do you draw inspiration from to write in the IR or MC niche? I moved to Spain ten years ago and was fascinated by the difference in culture. Life in the White Villages of Southern Spain hardly changed in 50 years. The people in the villages are very old-fashioned. They still call each other […]

Excerpt Monday – Kitty Wishes by Dahlia DeWinters

Genre:                  Paranormal  Erotic Romance Excerpt: The letter was written on what seemed like regular copy paper that had been burned around the edges, probably to give it a more mysterious look. Sakaria Thorpe unfolded it cautiously, wondering what on earth it could be. The scent of charred paper tickled her nose as she scanned the […]