Articles from June 2011

What is Publisher Day?

Every Thursday IRMC Books (Interracial and Multicultural Books) wants to let you the Publisher shine. Thursdays, it’s all about the publisher. We are happy to host a publisher representative to share their latest IR/MC news, books, anthologies and submission request. You can link to your website, feature your IR/MC authors and books. How? Contact us […]

Stacy Deanne in the HotSpot with Mahalia Levey

What do you find the most difficult to write? Dialogue? Back story? Emotion? I’m a dialogue writer so writing dialogue comes natural to me and I enjoy writing it. I think emotion is easy to show with dialogue but is tricky with narrative. I don’t like writing a lot of narrative and sometimes I find […]

Excerpt Monday – Of Wolf’s Blood by Charisma Knight

Charisma Knight, one of the driving forces behind IRMC Books, will share an excerpt from one of her newest releases, Of Wolf’s Blood. This novella is a Paranormal Interracial Erotic Romance. Blurb: In an effort to escape her sister’s sadistic lust for power and her clan’s dark family curse, Simone retreats into the world of […]

Interracial and Multicultural Books Released June 18, up to June 24, 2011

Beginning of Time by Dirk Hessian (Jun 24, 2011)   BitterSweet Attraction: A Tale of Interracial Dating by Donna Patterson (Jun 24, 2011)   The Legacy by J. Adams (Jun 24, 2011)   Insatiable by Mirrah (Jun 23, 2011)   Mostly Sunny with Chance of Belgian Chocolate By: Katriena Knights (Jun 23, 2011)   Cabin Fever […]

Friday Cover Vote

Well folks, we’ve made it through another week. Yes, TGIF! Today we have two new book covers, 1) “At Last” by Billy London and 2) “Reignited” by Yvette Hines, Bridget Midway, and Aliyah Burke. Remember, polls close at midnight on Monday June 27th EST time, so make sure you get your votes in. Authors, be […]

Inter What? Multi Huh?

Is this the picture you see in your head when you think of Interracial Romance?  It is a part of what Interracial romance is but there is so much more to the niche than two different ethnicities. There are a host of them that fall into this misrepresented/misunderstood catagory of romance. Let’s Define Interracial Relating […]

VioletteDubrinsky in the HotSpot with Mahalia Levey

Where do you draw inspiration from to write in the IR or MC niche? Ultimately, what drew me to write IR was my innate belief that love is colorblind. I know that sounds a bit cliché, but I wanted to write stories where the hero and heroine fall in love despite that difference. I’ve written […]

Excerpt Monday – Permanent Ink by Jaime Samms

I’ d like to welcome Jaime Samms to the blog to share an excerpt from Permanent Ink, an interracial M/M romance. This book is available as part of the College Boys Bundle at Pink Petal Books: Buy Link: Blurb: Eric has gone through life putting a lot of store in outward appearances, so […]

Interracial and Multicultural Books Released June 5, up to June 17, 2011

Northerly Garnered Hearts by Lori Turner (Jun 17, 2011) The Geneva Project (Men of Action) by Capri Montgomery (Jun 17, 2011) Where Is Home? by F.V. Edwards (Jun 15, 2011) Silken Inferno (Phoenix Intelligence Agency) by Taige Crenshaw (Jun 14, 2011) Endless Love (Fantasty Knights) by Marilyn Lee (Jun 12, 2011) Saranghae (I Love You) […]

L.A. Banks Auction Fund

Just last week I, Ambrielle received an email in my inbox that one of my most favorite authors, L.A. Banks is battling late stage adrenal cancer. I have been a huge fan of her work and influenced by her writing, and I was saddened to hear the news. For those of you who are not familiar […]