Excerpt Monday – A Life Sublime by Billy London

51pSx99LBKLBlurb ~

Belinda Afriyie is only in the Neapolitan Riviera for the wedding of her best friend’s daughter, never mind the fact that she bullied her way into it, mostly out of guilt for not being the mother figure that she should have been. At the very least, she had to make sure that Gina Robinson did her Ghanaian duty in marrying Nick Da Canaveze, even if Belinda had to get on a plane, pay excess baggage and suffer the heat for it. There would be no time for sightseeing, lounging around infinity pools and definitely no time for flirting with anyone. Especially not The Big Man, who was as troublesome as his son. The twinkle in Massimo Da Canaveze’s eyes told her that he was more than just trouble. He was a huge, fat God-like sign of what was missing from her life. Of just how glorious life could be with someone like him in it… But a man like him would never give her a side glance. It was fine. The wedding celebrations would last all of four days and she’d be off home. No looking. No touching. No flirting. None of that was good for her or her ego.
Massimo Da Canaveze is not enjoying his status as widower. He’s lonely. Feeling that way had become a way of life and he could only hope that his son’s wedding at his 800 year old villa where he’d be amongst everyone he loved, would bring the terrible emotion to a stop. What he didn’t expect was the shrill voiced, authoritative, all commanding, arresting personality that was Belinda Afriyie to blaze through Italy in figure hugging, traditional African dresses and floaty kaftans that left little to the imagination. There hadn’t been an ample bosomed challenge like her to cross his path since his late wife. With a little music, a little sunshine, more than a bit of whiskey, he and Belinda were going to become very good friends.
Four Italian named puppet masters sit on the sideline of this play, throwing pizza pies to hit two half-centenarians in the eye. The Da Canaveze family is about to add to their growing number and no one is more shocked about it, than the puppets…
***Additional extras: interviews with the characters and playlist***

Excerpt -

He sent her an assessing look. “Why are you afraid of having things in common with me?”

Belinda turned to him, fury in her eyes. “Pardon?”

“The idea of having similarities with my life worries you. I can tell. We are all simply human. If not always with the same set of sensibilities.” Hmm.“You and I both know that is not always the case.” Those crystal blue eyes twinkled. “That sounded nice.”

“What?” “You and I. Please do continue, we may even eventually agree with one another.” Ridiculously attractive man, she thought, a reluctant grin tugging at her mouth. “Eh heh. All right, I’m going to go and sort myself out.”

“Belinda,” he said with a mild warning, as she heaved herself from the pool and padded to the lounger, “I am the last sensible adult in this villa. You should stay friends with me, even if we disagree, or you will have no one else to talk to.”

He has a realistic and very valid point, she thought, snapping off her swimming cap. God knows she wished there was a palm tree within reach where she could remove a few swatches and swat the idiocy from the mouths of those children. “I’ll let you know,” she replied smartly, pulling the kaftan over her head and wrapping the towel around her hair. He was still watching her. Naughty man, she knew that look. That same sort of look had got her into trouble before she had married and a good many times after.“You behave yourself. I told your son and I’ll tell you too. I am not afraid to beat you if you give me nonsense.”

Massimo glanced down at his arms before looking up, a light in his eyes that should have sent her running for her passport and on the first plane back to London. “What makes you think I would not enjoy that?”

“Because you’ve never had a proper beating from me,” she retorted, collecting her things and making her way back to the villa. There would be something to occupy herself with and take the goosebumps from her flesh that had nothing to do with being cold and everything to do with the husky laugh of the man still in the pool.


Saturday Free Reads

Seven Days of Friday opens with Days of the Week underwear and closes with a forty-year-old secret that refuses to stay submerged.

Thirty-four-year-old Vivi Tyler is living her nightmare: gay husband, self-harming teenager, melodramatic mother. They’re picking apart her sanity, one stitch at a time. She’s crawling along rock bottom when the arrival of a mysterious package opens a new door to a new country. A desperate Vivi dives headfirst into the quicksand that is Greece—her parents’ birthplace.

But it’s a paradise far from perfect, and instead of the new beginning she covets, Vivi discovers trouble is determined to keep her in its pocket. Soon she’s fighting for her daughter’s life in a Greek hospital, clashing with her Greek relatives, and cobbling together an inadequate cage around her heart, lest she fall for an unavailable man.

Off Camera Affair 1 (The Motor City Drama Series) by Jazz Jordan

Kai Lewis is a TV reporter with the inside scoop on Detroit’s juiciest corruption scandals. Years ago, her affair with Frank Anderson, the very handsome but very married lead news anchor, had taken her body, soul, and career to new heights. But Kai’s thrill ride with Frank ended in an unspeakable tragedy. Now, she avoids his advances, despite the deep feelings she still has for him.

Anxious to move on, Kai initiates a summer fling with Deandre Grant, a sexy NBA player with mind-blowing bedroom skills. Soon, Kai finds herself hungering for more than a casual relationship, and she’s overjoyed when Deandre confesses that he feels the same way. Unfortunately, their beautiful beginning is tainted when their relationship hits two major roadblocks: Kai’s sister, LaNaya, a video vixen and exotic dancer, who gets caught up in a sexy webcam operation with dangerous consequences; and Janice, Deandre’s deranged baby-mama.

On a business trip to Atlanta, Kai discovers something about Frank, her former flame, that changes her perspective on the past. Will this new information open the door for reconciliation with him, or will she go all the way with Deandre?

Kai reports the news every day, but there is much more drama off the air, when it comes to her own life. This novel is a tale of fate, desire and the unexpected.

Fridays Featured Cover Art


Blurb ~

Honoria ‘Honi’ Devereaux is on the run from her birth-pack who wants her back—or worse dead. A twitchy feeling on the back of her neck tells her she being tracked. The moment her gaze collides with Saber Rousseau’s artic-blue stare she knows her problems just multiplied tenfold. Her reaction to the prime werewolf makes her do something rash. She hops into the sack with a shifter, something Honi had sworn she never do. Too dangerously erotic, a girl could lose her focus hooking up with such a mam-wolf.
Saber Rousseau has never met a woman who challenged, intrigued, or frustrated him as much as the girl he’s honor bound to take as his mate. The instantaneous lust he feels for Honi has him marking her with a permanence the only way a wolf can. She is his, nothing and no-one will prevent him from holding onto her.
Dismayed by her out of character actions which has tied her to a stranger, she is tossed her into the midst of a power struggle she doesn’t believe she is equipped to handle.
With Saber by her side, an ace or two up her sleeve, Honi is about to give her enemies a taste of the paranormal gifts she kept to herself.

Link ~


Thursday Thoughts: Two sides to a not so love story

I’ve been working away on a few WIPS and firmly embraced in the Happily Ever Afters of my characters lives. It’s a heady thing to create conflict and romantic strife that ends well in the end. I have a secret to share though, I’m a sucker for a love story that doesn’t have a happy ending. Actually, considering how much I blog now you may already know that and I’ve forgotten I told you. Regardless, it’s true, and there are times when I’m so wrapped up in the world of perfect endings I long for a good cry over a relationship that just can’t make it. Either because of obstacles that continue to get in the way, hurt feelings never mended, or the promise of who they could be together is never fully realized.

When thinking about what my thoughts would revolve around today, I went through some posts on my personal blog and found two shorts I’d written when I was wonderfully melancholy and decided to repost them. It’s been two years since I wrote them and though I like to think I’m a much superior writer (they’re a bit melodramatic, flowery and in need of a good editor) I’m still connected to the sentiment I’d tried to express. Love isn’t born nor does it die over night. Not the true love I write about. The type of love that is housed in trust, honesty, and respect. In the end though, I’ll let you be the judge. After all, I can’t be the only one that loves a good cry.

Where love goes when it has died.
Unedited and copyrighted by Janet Eckford

I watch him as he meticulously cuts his meat before he places it in his mouth. He gives a grin of approval as he chews on the savory steak. We love this place, it’s where we had our first date and we make an effort to come here at least once a month. Tonight is different though because it’s our anniversary. A marker in time of what we have given and received from each other. He smiles at me as he points to my plate with his fork. I nod an affirmative and spoon soup into my mouth. I make a face of appreciation at the spicy flavors of the broth and the subtle texture of the vegetables chopped expertly inside. I am pleased like he is pleased by the food placed in front of me because that is something easy to focus on, not the elephant that sits at our table waving a white flag of surrender.

We are silent as we have our meal. The bustle of the popular restaurant providing a symphony of noise and vibrancy we lack in our lives. We are comfortable and we are complacent and that spark of joy and exuberance we experienced in the past has died. It flickered for some time hoping we would feed it the oxygen it needed to blaze once again, but we didn’t have the time to tend it, didn’t make the time to care, and now that last spark of hope is snuffed out.

“I love this place,” he smiles at me from across the table.

“It’s the best,” I reply with my own smile.

Such good little actors in a play that should have had its final curtain ages ago, but the audience expects one more act, one final call. I look at my plate because if I continue to look at his face I know I will see the truth we both know reflected back at me. Love doesn’t live here anymore, it has died a slow and painful death, and all that is left in the silent halls of our existence is the ghost of what once was, a phantom that haunts us night after night, because we know it is there, a memory of what we used to have.

“Do you think we should plant roses this year?”

I’m desperate now because as the silence deepens I can hear that damn elephant sighing in frustration from being ignored.

“That’s something to think about,” he answers with a sound of introspectrum that is too great for the question.

I think he can hear the elephant as well clearing its throat and begging for our attention, so he focuses on the question I have thrown out there like a life savior in the storm that has now become our existence.

“Yes, something to think about,” I murmur as I catch his eye.

We have our moment, where we recognize what we have become, but I don’t know who looks away first but it is lost and we are back where we started.

“I love this place,” he says with false cheer.

“It’s the best,” I reply with a sad smile.

Our elephant lowers it white flag of surrender but knows that it can’t be ignored forever.

What do you mean it’s over?
Unedited and copyrighted by Janet Eckford

I look up from my plate to see her staring at me and I smile. She is lovely tonight as she is always lovey. I place my steak into my mouth and moan my appreciation at the tenderness of the meat. I love this place, always have, and they never seem to disappoint. With my mouth full I point to her soup that she has been swirling absently for some time and not eating. She takes a spoonful and smiles in appreciation. There is something off about her smile and I open my mouth to ask if she enjoys it but decide against it.

Things have been tense lately and tonight, our special night, I don’t want to have one of our arguments. I look back at my plate because I don’t want her to see that I’m thinking of that tension that has begun to permeate our life. I feel it like a great bleak fog that clouds my words and actions, making little things I say distorted and complex. I want tonight to be good like it was in the past. A past that had us eating and laughing at this very restaurant, at this very table, until the place closed down around us.

“I love this place,” I smile at her, hoping the memory of that love will infuse a joy in the evening I’m starting to feel lacking.

“It’s the best,” she replies with a smile that is lacking the luster she once had.

I don’t know what to say now as that fog grows thicker around us. I can see her but it is only the vague outline of what she used to be, of what we used to mean to each other. I feel a ball of frustration form in my chest because it doesn’t seem fair that it has become so hard. She is still so lovely to me but there is something happening that I don’t understand.

“Do you think we should plant roses this year?”

I want to shout that I don’t give a fuck about roses. I want to ask her what’s going on and why won’t she talk to me. I want to say whatever I need to say to not have us fighting but to clear up this pallor of gloom that has taken us into its cold embrace but instead I breath deeply and say, “That’s something to think about.”

It isn’t something to think about but I have no other thoughts left. I can’t help a small sigh of frustration escaping from my lips as I fork more food into my mouth. Food that has lost it’s initial vibrancy and tang.

“Yes, something to think about,” she murmurs as she catches my eye.

As I look into the face of this person I love, the person I have given and taken from in equal parts, I see something there that shouldn’t be. It is as if the fog has cleared for this briefest of moments and I have to look away at what clarity has brought.

“I love this place,” I say, trying desperately to get back to what we once had.

“It’s the best,” she replies.

The sight of her small sad smile is too much for me and I go back to my food and listening to the sounds of this place that used to be so safe and realize I’m okay with the fog for now.

Wednesday’s Words – Nicademus by Sienna Mynx

I one – clicked this book before reading anything about it because it was written by Sienna Mynx whom I have been a fan of for some time. I wasn’t expecting Nicademus to be about the residents of a town but the premise worked for me.  I enjoyed the stories about a hidden town run by blacks. We can find nuggets of similar information threaded throughout Americas history. Tales of angst and romance fro the past can be captivating and this story was no different. Its a departure from Ms. Mynx usual style of writing but no less poignant or engrossing. I enjoyed this book but given the backgrounds and history some folks may not. It is wee worth the read.


Blurb ~

Annabelle’s a free woman. Her only desire is to become a healer like her dead father once was and to protect the people she loves. Life is sweet. That is until an outlaw by the name of Jeremiah ‘One Finger’ Polk was found unconscious on her land. Annabelle’s initial curiosity over his presence and desire to heal him from his serious wounds blooms into a forbidden encounter that will threaten the towns’ very existence and even her own.

Jeremiah Polk is a wanted man. Driven by the need for vengeance and retribution, he barely escapes the hangman’s noose and gun. When he wakes and finds a beautiful brown skin woman nursing him back to health, he thinks it’s a dream. He soon learns of the free people of color and the hidden town at the foot of the mountain that could be his sanctuary. He also finds himself drawn to the promise of redemption. But will his demons, both real and imagined, rob him of the chance? Can love survive the racial tensions between Annabelle and him post-civil war?

Miss Kitty is what they call her. However, her Christian name is Cora, and she runs the saloon and whores of Nicademus. Escaping New Orleans and the chains of a placage, she has founded a home and thriving business in Nicademus. However, the unwanted desires of the town’s sheriff, her passionate affair with her Chickasaw lover, and the new threat of the dangerous man who hunts her from her past all collide in Nicademus and threaten to destroy her.

Red Sun, Chickasaw, and the lone survivor of his tribe out of White Rock Mountain, trusts no one. He brings the orphaned Annabelle and himself to the town of Nicademus for a chance to start again. Ten years later the bitter memory of his slain people keeps him locked in the past. However, his new love affair for his ‘soiled dove’, Cora, keeps him sane. Nicademus is his home. He will risk it all to protect the town and the woman he loves.

In 1866, a town run by freed slaves, called Nicademus, is the promise of the future. The story of the town and the passionate, dangerous, and infamous exploits of its citizens are still whispered from the lips of people today. This fictionalized tale reflects some of their story. You will search for truth in it.

Link ~ https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-nicademus-1592614-178.html

Excerpt Monday ~ Not Always by Ancelli



Do you believe in change? What makes a man want to do better?

Jose Martinez doesn’t know what he wants, but he knows he needs to change his bad boy ways for his son and himself. Given a second chance, he relocates with his brother, leaving behind all the things that tend to get him in trouble, including Olga, the mother of his child. Starting a new life isn’t as easy as it seems, people judged him based on the mistakes he made when he was younger, instead of his future.

Jose is used to having his pick in women, a playboy back home, with change comes monogamy. Connie Browne, from the moment he meets her, her beauty, and intelligence captivates him, thinking she’s the one that can make him change for the best. The complete package, but does he change for the right reasons? Is he who he wants to be? She gives him a chance when no one else does, opening the door to a promising future.

Jewel O’Neal, simple, beautiful, smart, funny and loving but also his sister-in-law, which means trouble for Jose. One thing he vowed he would never do again is hurt his family, and Jewel was now in that circle. They hit it off from the moment they met, having things in common, enjoying each other’s company. She was always there when he needed a friend a helping hand, letting him know change can only happen if you want it.

Jose lives a double life, with one woman he is someone else, and with the other he is free.

WARNING: This book contains explicit sexual content.

Excerpt ~

On the way to Mercy Hospital, José called his brother.

“Where the hell have you been?” Javier asked.

“With Connie. You knew that.”

“And you couldn’t answer your phone.”

“What happened?” He pushed his foot down on the gas pedal.

“Jewel was in an accident!”

“Is she okay?” José couldn’t explain why, but he held this breath until his brother answered.

“Yes. She has a couple of bruises.”

“What the fuck happened?” His grip on the cell phone got tighter.

“She was at a stop light. The fool behind her wasn’t paying attention and hit her.”

“Stopped at a light? She was on her bike?” He was surprised. He’d seen her earlier at the restaurant and what she had on wasn’t appropriate for riding a motorcycle.

“Yes. She was heading home after a date.”

“I’m going to fucking hurt whoever did this to her.” José gripped the steering wheel tight, making his knuckles turn white.

“It was an accident.”

“You’re sure she’s okay.”

“Yes, but her bike was totaled.”

“I don’t care about the damn bike. She shouldn’t have been riding that fucking bike.” José shook his head. Jewel was riding her bike because she’d been sweet enough to let him use her car. “I’m on my way to the hospital.”

“She’s already home.”

Link ~


Interracial and Multicultural New Releases August 27 to September 6

Xaman by Simone Beaudelaire and Edwin Stark (Sep 6, 2014)

Protected By The Wolf – Book 2 (Springfield Wolves) by Tia Archer (Sep 6, 2014)

Pattern for Murder (The Russian Connection Book 1) by Capri Montgomery (Sep 5, 2014)

The Legacy Series: The Complete Set: Commerative Edition with the first chapter of “A Broken Belle” by Leila Lacey (Sep 5, 2014)

Awoken by the Sheikh (Services to Sisterhood Book 1) by Doris O’Connor (Sep 5, 2014)

At Second Glance by Vicki Ballante (Sep 5, 2014)

The Lady Mentor by G. E. Taylor (Sep 5, 2014)

The Other Side of Love Box Set: 4 Complete Novels of Romance by Rebecca K Watts, Cynthia D Bates and Joanna A Haze (Sep 5, 2014)

Seducing My Soldier by Vivian Gwynn (Sep 5, 2014)

Ocean’s Justice (Ocean’s Gift – Turbulence and Triumph Prequel Series Book 1) by Demelza Carlton (Sep 4, 2014)

Ocean’s Triumph (Ocean’s Gift – Turbulence and Triumph Prequel Series Book 3) by Demelza Carlton (Sep 4, 2014)

Ocean’s Trial (Ocean’s Gift – Turbulence and Triumph Prequel Series Book 2) by Demelza Carlton (Sep 4, 2014)

The Wilson Family Collection 1 (Volume 1) by Elena Brown (Sep 4, 2014)

The Big Billionaire Bundle by Sophia Banks (Sep 4, 2014)

Blackstone Haven: Vol 2 by Taige Crenshaw (Sep 4, 2014)

Brian’s Package: An Erotic Series by Geneva West (Sep 4, 2014)

Close Quarters (Her SEAL Protector #1) by Roxie Rivera (Sep 4, 2014)

Confederate Like Me by S. K. Long (Sep 4, 2014)

The Eyes Of Winter by Sophia Banks (Sep 4, 2014)

Fathers: Fathers by AIDA (Sep 4, 2014)

My Man, My Family (A Billionaire BWWM Romance Book 3) by J A Fielding (Sep 4, 2014)

Onyx Mafia: Insatiable Episodes 5 through 7: Lia and Meghan by Nova Black (Sep 4, 2014)

Power of Rhythms (Blackstone Haven Book 4) by Taige Crenshaw (Sep 4, 2014)

Stealing Paolo’s Man: MM Erotica by Michael Johnson (Sep 4, 2014)

Tall, Dark & British (BWWM Romance) by Cherry Kay (Sep 4, 2014)

Just Like Love: episode 2 by Ava Rush (Sep 3, 2014)

Brian’s Domination by Geneva West (Sep 3, 2014)

Domino Episode 02: Another Heiress Busts a Nut (Big Heiress and Brazilian Heat Book 1) by Jay Backers (Sep 3, 2014)

Her Billionaire Wolf (BBW Paranormal Romance) by Jessica Waltman (Sep 3, 2014)

Into The Woods II: Tempting The Wolfe (Dark Fairy Tales Book 2) by C. Jackson (Sep 3, 2014)

Mistress at Midnight (Island Moonlight Collection Book 3) by Lelani Black (Sep 3, 2014)

Mistress of the Plantation by Vonica Colt (Sep 3, 2014)

One Way or Another: The Complete Series by Jade Cain (Sep 3, 2014)

Twice the Growl (BBW Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance): A BBW in need of a date + Two hot Alphas looking for a… by Milly Taiden (Sep 3, 2014)

Playing the Rookie (New Adult Romance): A #Played Novella by Rachelle Ayala (Sep 3, 2014)

She Likes Them Big by Lucy Stone (Sep 3, 2014)

Taken by the Beast by Dawn Michelle (Sep 3, 2014)

The Things We Do For Love (BWWM Romance) by Tasha Blue (Sep 3, 2014)

Steel Me Away (Motorcycle Club Romance) (Sons of Steel Motorcycle Club Book 2) by Vivian Lux (Sep 2, 2014)

BWWM Interracial Clean Romance Bundle 1 (Volume 1) by Sara Hooper (Sep 2, 2014)

Conquering Theana (Conquering Series) (Volume 1) by LeTeisha Newton and Lillian McKenzie Rhine (Sep 2, 2014)

Sunday by Kaia Bennett (Sep 2, 2014)

Little Darlings NAUGHTY GIRL Bundle (Three Book Bundle) (Taboo Forbidden Punishment Erotica) by Jack Madique and Little Darling Bundles (Sep 2, 2014)

Love Amiss: Elusive Billionaire Romance Series, Book 3 by Shyla Starr (Sep 2, 2014)

Love Ties: A Romance Anthology by Cain Berlinger (Sep 2, 2014)

My Boo 2 (BWWM Romance) by Sherie Keys (Sep 2, 2014)

Taking the Drill Sergeant – Hardcore Military Erotica: An Interracial Femdom Erotica (Hardcore Corps. Book 2) by Nadia Ramone (Sep 2, 2014)

Not Always by Ancelli (Sep 1, 2014)

Secret Lilies by Rayven Godchild (Sep 1, 2014)

Seed of The Alpha (BBW Werewolf Pregnancy) by Krista Bella (Sep 1, 2014)

Protected By The Wolf – Book One (Springfield Wolves 1) by Tia Archer (Sep 1, 2014)

Tempting Neal by Marilyn Lee (Sep 1, 2014)

Response to Intervention (The Naughty Teachers Series Book 4) by Jamie Jones (Sep 1, 2014)

Swirl: The Complete Collection (BWWM Interracial Romance) (Books 1-3) by Lexi Lewis (Sep 1, 2014)

Balibago Bargirl Babes (Freddy & Chloe Book 1) by Sybille (Sep 1, 2014)

Passion Series by Mary Adair (Sep 1, 2014)

Ride The Dragon: A Paranormal/Science Fiction Boxed Set (Soulshifter Trilogy, Dragon Wars, Cupcake Goddess, Omicron… by Shéa MacLeod (Sep 1, 2014)

The Druid Series Box Set (Reapers/Bled/Harves… Dark Paranormal Erotic Romance by Marata Eros (Aug 31, 2014)

Role Play by Billie Arsceneaux and Ashley O’ Neil (Aug 31, 2014)

Her Hollywood Kiss Part 3 (BWWM Romance) by Susan Westwood (Aug 31, 2014)

My Forbidden Baby: A BWWM Story by Aaliyah Jackson (Aug 31, 2014)

The Music Sounds Better With You PART 3 (BWWM Romance) by Cherry Kay (Aug 31, 2014)

Chrome & Leather: Sandstorm (Motorcycle Club Romance) by Deep Pink (Aug 31, 2014)

TENDER TREACHERY (Romantic Suspense/Thriller Mystery): First Love ~ Book 2 by H.Y. Hanna (Aug 31, 2014)

Revenge: Stealing My Hater’s Man by Aaliyah Jackson (Aug 31, 2014)

Claimed By The Black Man (Taboo Interracial Man of the House Erotica) by Shannon Helms (Aug 31, 2014)

Serpent Lover by Roman E. Pyre (Aug 31, 2014)

More than a Flirt (Billionaires on the Beach Book 4) by Olivia Noble (Aug 30, 2014)

Worth the Risk by Stacy Deanne (Aug 30, 2014)

TAMED: #2 in the Fit Trilogy by Rebekah Weatherspoon (Aug 30, 2014)

Shadow Wars: Homebound by Ursula Sinclair and Leanore Elliott (Aug 30, 2014)

As the Big Man Says…: Taboo Forbidden Erotica Bundle – 3 Books In One! by Sara Queene (Aug 30, 2014)

What to Read After FSOG: The Gemstone Collection (WTRAFSOG Book 5) by Cathryn Fox, Melinda DuChamp, Karolyn James and Sasha White (Aug 29, 2014)

Managing the Mayor: An interracial romance story by Alexandria Kaine (Aug 29, 2014)

On The Run: The Moriya Chronicles: Book 1 by I-Lanaa Twine (Aug 29, 2014)

Nuit Noire by Carol Robi (Aug 29, 2014)

The Basilisk’s Creed Vol. 3 (The Basilisk’s Creed # 1) by Eme Strife (Aug 29, 2014)

The Diamond Bracelet Club by Ginny Knight-Simon and Kay Whitehouse (Aug 29, 2014)

Love Conquers All (Urban BWWM Interracial Romance Book 2) by Shauna Hudson (Aug 28, 2014)

The Stars Trilogy by Eve Montelibano and FB Lota (Aug 28, 2014)

The Showmance (BBW BWWM Romance) by Sherie Keys (Aug 28, 2014)

The Alpha’s Mail Order Bride: Part 2 (BBW Shifter Romance) by Jasmine White (Aug 28, 2014)

Deceit (Unbearably Gifted Book 3) by Samantha Romero (Aug 28, 2014)

A Delicious Mistake by Roselyn Jewell (Aug 28, 2014)

Never; A Spiritual Love Story by Frederick Regenold (Aug 28, 2014)

The Game of Love: (BWWM Romance) by K. Alex Walker (Aug 27, 2014)

Dangerous Beauty: Part Two: A Mafia Princess by Michelle Hardin (Aug 27, 2014)

Always (Wesson Rebel M.C. Series) by Shyla Colt (Aug 27, 2014)

Stereo by Trevion Burns (Aug 27, 2014)

Save the Last Dance for Me by Candy Caine (Aug 27, 2014)

TuDawgs by Eden Connor and Nomi McCabe (Aug 27, 2014)

Chaos: A Short Story by Constance Burris (Aug 27, 2014)

Accepting the Alien’s Trade: A Science Fiction Erotic Adventure (Gallant’s Grace Book 2) by Claire Westwood (Aug 27, 2014)

Choices We Make (The Moretti Brothers Series) (Volume 1) by Sage Young (Aug 27, 2014)

Black & White (Black & White (Interracial Romance) Book 1) by Brianna Walker (Aug 27, 2014)

Black Silk Fine by Keely Eve (Aug 27, 2014)

Shades of Serenity: A Treva Monroe Short Story by Lacole Rose (Aug 27, 2014)



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Saturday Free Reads

A psychopathic killer is stalking the women of Sydney . . .
Federal Agent Clayton Munro, a criminal profiler with the Australian Federal Police (AFP), has been called upon to assist in hunting down a vicious murderer who is intent upon carving up his victims while they’re still alive. Guilt-stricken over his wife’s suicide, Clayton’s forced to set aside his personal issues in order to focus on the case.
Detective Ellie Cooper is also no stranger to heartache. Pregnant and abandoned at the altar by a fiancé intent on pursuing a career with the AFP, her opinion of the elite body of officers is anything but favorable. Angered when her boss orders her to partner with the Fed, she’s determined not to cut him any slack.
But women are dying on the streets of western Sydney and the pressure is mounting to find the person responsible.
Will Clayton and Ellie be able to put aside their animosity and work together to catch a killer before it’s too late? And what about the special fascination the killer seems to have with Ellie . . .


Trinity (The Executive’s Affair Book 1) by Elizabeth Nelson

Running from her past. Infatuated with her boss. Risking it all. A one night stand.

Trinity Collins knew she shouldn’t have crossed the line with her boss, but she did and now she has to face whatever the future brings, even while fighting the demons of her past. She’s surprised how persistent he is and has to constantly fend off his advances for more of what she truly wants—another night with him. But she knows juggling a personal relationship with a business relationship is more work than she needs right now.

Now that she’s pregnant with her boss’ baby. When Laszlo finds out, it’s all he can do to stay sane while Trinity remains at arm’s length. But when Trinity and her baby are threatened by one of the skeletons in her closet, Laszlo has no choice but to keep her safe. He learns what it means to be a family man and will stop at nothing to ensure their safety.

Friday’s Featured Cover Art – gHost by Jonathan Wright


Blurb ~

In the 23rd century you can jack into the web, shop at a mall floating half a mile above the street, kill yourself with the drug of the week, and wake up in a new body.

The rich can have what they want — and they want immortality. What they get is gHost, generic Host Somnambulant Transfer. The dead become re-animated hosts for the living. The trade is controlled by megacorps and is highly regulated. Getting on the list is the perk for any corporate ladder-climber. But the price is steep.

Brady Woods is a smart-ass hacker fighting to survive in the dim streets at the bottom of the canyons between two-hundred-story buildings, where smog and anti-grav shopping malls block out the sun and predators prowl the shadowed alleys.

Brady has talent. He can fix anything. And he can surf the web like no one can. Code is his junk food; blind killers and security bots are his nemeses; information is his currency and his rush.

Sleen’s girl Deel has eyes for Brady; a battered cat knows its own. Brady knows what he wants, and he wants Deel. Problem. Sleen thinks he owns Deel, and he’s not about to give her up. In a barter economy Deel’s up for grabs — for the right price. But can she be trusted? And how far will Brady go to make her his own?

Link~ https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-ghost-997892-147.html

Thursday Thoughts: Trust the process

I’ve had this story percolating in my head for some time now, full length, epic story line kind of story. I go to bed with the characters whispering and nudging my imagination on, it’s a bit of a continues loop. Yet, when I sit down to write it, I get a bit overwhelmed by all of the words that are swimming in my head. In fact, I feel as if they’re a riptide of thoughts and actions waiting to drag me under, and I can’t seem to find my way out of it all. It’s a frustrating experience to say the least and it leaves me feeling as if I’ll never be able to give birth to the story that lives inside of me. I’ve moped, eaten quite a lot, and generally been lazy as a result of my inability to get the deed of writing done.

When the crescendo of my discontent had reached it’s highest point, I took a breath and realized I needed to get over myself. Seriously. Taking a step back, I decided to let it go. Yes, this story that has taken root inside of me, and continuously clamors to be set free, could be an epically wonderful story, but its not the only story. In fact, it might not be the right story for me currently. I can take notes, jot things down, and keep it entertained until I’m ready to put it on page. In a sense I had to borrow on the motto I’ve used for years in my non-writing professional career; trust the process.

It seems like that’s a hard thing for me to do as a writer. I want to get all of my thoughts out. I want to share what my imagination has created. I want to…sigh…it seems at times that I just want. This wanting is such a strong thing often that it interferes with what I actually need to get a story done. So, deep breath, time to trust the process. Ooh boy, yeah, time to trust the process. Will it be easy? Probably not because I’ve never been known to choose the path of least resistance, but it’s where I’m starting from. After all, I’m the story’s keeper and will always know where to find it.