Hot Spot Tuesday Character Interview with Gianni by Jamallah Bergman

Gianni_MEDInterview with Gianni (The Ciprianos of Kellington) Book 3


Hello everyone, my name is Jamallah Bergman and I am the author of Book 3 in the Ciprianos of Kellington series ‘Gianni’.

I really love this story because of the fact that this story is the first time I’ve ever written one with a child deeply involved.

So I decided to do something a bit different as far as my interview today and I thought that I would do the interview with the darling little girl who basically captured Gianni’s heart as well as the other Cipriano men…..Saoirse Cormier.

Me: I want to thank you for coming and doing an interview with me today.

Saoirse: Thank you for having me. My mom told me that you had asked for me. (She is smoothing out her pink floral dress while her feet are dangling from the couch)

Me: I thought that it would be nice to have some ice tea while we talked.

Saoirse: I like tea. (I pour her a small cup and pour myself a glass)

Me: Now I want to ask you how do you like living in Kellington?

Saoirse (taking a sip of tea): I really like it here, everybody has been so nice to my mom and me especially Gianni. He’s so much fun and he’s very handsome. Plus I love his family, they’ve been so helpful to my mom since we moved here.

Me: What is it you like about Gianni so much?

Saoirse: He’s fun to be around. He’s also very kind and sweet plus he’s got the most amazing eyes I’ve ever seen. I am always smiling when I look at them. Both most of all he makes my mom very happy.

Me: A little birdie told me that you had been a match maker for your mom and Gianni.

Saoirse (stares at me blankly): I don’t know what you mean.

Me: Someone told me that it was you who got your mom and Gianni together. Is that true?

Saoirse (giggles): I’ll never tell

Me: That’s fine. Well I also heard that you are a very smart girl for someone who is only eight years old and that you are really good in math.

Saoirse: Yes I love Math. Do you like Math too?

Me: Well I have to admit I’ve never been good in Math when I was growing up.

Saoirse: Do you like plums?

Me: Well yeah, I do love plums. I heard they are your favorites along with Gianni.

Saoirse (sits up on her knees in the couch, leaning over the arm of the couch towards me): I really like the tart that his mom makes, you should try it.

Me: I will have to do that when I get the chance to go by the restaurant.

Saoirse: We can go and get some after the interview if you like?

Me: I’d like that a lot. So what do you think about Gianni’s family and his brothers?

Saoirse (thinking): Umm, well, I like them all. Renzo was so much fun and so was Jaslyn his girlfriend, she’s very sweet. I like it when he picks me up sometimes and gives me hugs. Simone he likes to tell jokes and sometimes he makes silly voices. I end up laughing so hard I start snorting. Federico, he’s been teaching me how to plant flowers and stuff. I told him I wanted to make a small garden and he’s been showing me how to make one with soda bottles. I really like Mrs. Cipriano though, she reminds me of my grandma in Ireland, that’s where I was born you know.

Me: I know that.

Saoirse: Well she always tells me stories about when she was living in Italy and how Gianni and his brothers was when they were my age. We sometimes sit in her garden and drink tea or walk around and pull out weeds or cut flowers. I’m just glad to have them in our lives because when we moved here to Kellington, we didn’t know how we were going to survive but thanks to me finding Gianni, our lives are going to be real good.

Me (smiling): Well Saoirse I want to thank you for doing this interview with me and I want to thank your mom for letting me do it with you.

Saoirse: Good… can we go and get some plums now?

Me (laughing): Of course we can


Make sure you get your copy of Gianni Book 3 of The Ciprianos of Kellington series.

(NOTE: If you haven’t read Book 1 Renzo and Book 2 Simone, you must read those first before you start on Book 3)

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Excerpt Monday ~ Niah’s Pride by TJ Micheals


Blurb ~

Niah Pryde is no shrinking violet. Not only is she one of the best hunters for S.W.A.T.—the Shifter and Were Armed Tactics agency—but Niah can also network a microwave tower to a satellite surveillance system with her eyes closed, and one well-manicured hand tied behind her back. So…why would she rather hide in the network hub closet than face her mate?

Ryland Lee Lewis is as down-home as they come, from his country drawl to his love of sweet tea. It only took one assignment with Niah Pryde to know she was the one for him. He’s sure she feels it too, but the woman is running faster than a bull out of the chute at a rodeo. What’s a guy to do when his mate won’t see reason? And what kinds of sparks will fly if she dares give him a chance?

Excerpt ~

Lou had done nothing but dream of Neesia Pryde since the day she’d left him up in Rockies after a successful bounty. Working with her had been pure torture of spirit, soul and body. Anytime she was close, his need to touch her had him gritting his teeth. It had been a relief to finally make love with her on their final night together. In fact, after the toe bending climaxes she’d wrung from his body, Lou had practically collapsed with relief that he’d worn her out.

But that relief hadn’t lasted long.

Shortly after their wild joining, Lou had experienced something so profound, there’d been no mistaking the soul-stirring connection that snapped into place and warmed his heart. Practically plugged her into his heart, eased her consciousness underneath his skin. It had knocked him so off-balance he’d allowed himself to slip into sleep rather than stay awake and face it. Face her.

But when he’d awoken, Neesia was gone. In fact, Lou had slept so deeply, so peacefully, he’d snored through what would have typically woken him…like the sounds of a woman packing all her gear and hiking down a mountain. Yeah, that had pricked his pride, all right. In fact, not only had she been gone, when he’d rolled over and felt the coolness of the blankets, the faintness of her scent, he knew she’d been absent for several hours.

Hours, damn her.

Some hunter he was. A female, his female had flown the coop. It had taken him three weeks and some creative hacking into the S.W.A.T. database to find her, and 007-type planning to get onto Pryde Ranch undetected.

He’d better make this count. Besides, after this stunt, he might be fired, considering he’d managed to snag details on shifters with clearance so secret he wasn’t sure anyone other than the current director had a clue of not only who the Prydes were, but what they were.

He’d tracked her on her own land for several days now and had come up with nothing. Suddenly, there it was—Neesia’s scent. The moment he caught it, Lou had to fight the need to chase the woman down, pin her to the ground and demand her submission. But she was a lioness, not a wuss. Having no idea how the woman would react to his uninvited presence in her territory, Lou was careful to stay out of sensory range as he dropped to his knees and let the energy of the change wash over him.

Amazing how the faint, juicy smell of her body wash remained even when she was in her pelt. But it was her underlying natural scent that made him grit his teeth against arousal. Neesia wasn’t alone. It would be stupid to give away his position and end up corralled by a group of bad-assed African lionesses. There was a reason the lioness was the most lethal hunter of all the felines. And there was no way he would become an example of how to get dead, not when he was this close.

He had less than ten minutes to make it to the huge, main house before all the cameras he’d disabled automatically came back online, along with the noxious gas dispensers he’d discovered at various points. Two nights ago, he’d learned the hard way that whatever the hell was in the stuff affected the shifter nervous system. When inhaled or in contact with skin, it caused a bout of dizziness severe enough to incapacitate even the strongest specimen for up to twenty minutes. Tripping a dispenser also set off a silent alarm. He’d just recovered and gotten the hell out of there before the unmistakable crunch of tires tearing over gravel had sounded in the distance.

It was a brilliant deterrent actually, one he’d barely escaped. The only upside to the experience was that the smell of the gas had masked his presence.

Sticking to his tactical plans, Lou headed downwind to make sure Neesia caught his scent without catching him. At least not until he was good and ready to be caught.

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Friday’s Cover Art – Jaguar’s Rule by T.J Micheals

I came across this little gem and said – ooooo. Yeah I had to wipe a bit of droll from the corner of my mouth too. The black and white with just a hint of gold is stunning. Take a look below and tell me if you aren’t a little enticed to break open the book by this sexy cover.

CFF4Blurb ~

After an irresistible night of passion with Reya, Aaron James longs to hold her close forever. Little does he know that the tall, sleek beauty has a carnal secret — and he’s the one who needs protection.

Reya Daines has dedicated her life to the conservation of jaguars. With the only bed-and-breakfast at the entrance to Cockscomb Jaguar Sanctuary, she can keep an eye on poachers and still indulge her guests in her first love—scuba diving. But something has invaded the preserve and the big cats are restless…and that something wants Reya.

Aaron James can take care of himself, but he finds he’s not quite up to the job after his plane goes down in the jungles of Belize. The woman who rescues him is a loner just like him. When he learns she’s in danger from the same menace she’s saved him from twice, what’s a determined man to do with an equally stubborn woman?

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Thursday Thoughts: Food for thought

I was recently reading a romance where the author took time to describe the food the characters were eating, right down to the type of wine. Now, I’m a foodie. I love to eat and I love to eat fancy food. When you throw in a great glass of red wine, I’m in heaven. For me, reading that scene helped ground me in the story and who the characters were. Although I wouldn’t eat the particular dish they were having, I liked reading what made their palates salivate.  What often happens when I have these great moments as a reader I start reflecting on what I do as a writer. When reflecting on my own work, I realized that though I have scenes where characters are doing “every day” activities, I could probably count on one hand how often I write a description of my characters sharing a meal. As a person that enjoys food so much, this seemed a bit weird. If I love food so much, why haven’t I taken the time to illustrate it’s importance in the lives of my characters?

It’s a precarious process balancing these little nuances of character development and story enrichment, with the ever ominous word count. There is nothing worse then feeling as if an author has dumped information into a story for the sole purpose of adding more words to their document. As a writer that is an avid reader I’m always aware of this pit fall. I want to create a rich world, filled with characters that are engaging, but I don’t want to bore my reader with details that seem supercilious. Thinking about my lack of foodie moments in my work, I wondered if my concern about creating too much filler was inhibiting me from adding an important aspect to my characters lives. I don’t have an answer right now, but now that it’s on my radar, I’m sure my readers will find scenes that involve tasty treats and even tastier adult beverages.

Wednesday’s Random Book – One Readers Review

I am a fan of Holley Trent books.  There I said it. Now to get to the meat of the matter. A few pages in this book had me smiling and questioning why at the same time. Its a short read and I don’t like to give away spoilers but the heroines family brings new meaning to the word dysfunctional and the hero is hot. I say that because I like books with sexy hero’s. Last of the Season does border on sweet so if your looking for the burn of the pages sex this isn’t the book for you but writing is great and the storyline sucks you in. It reads like a series starter but I haven’t seen any sequels to the book yet. If you want a quick read that will make you smile I would definitely say grab it…Oh did I mention it’s free?


Blurb ~

Hestia’s curse bound Simone Bristol to the Hearth Motel. Just when she thinks she can make her escape and pick up the pieces of her old life, the fates send her a curve-ball in the form of a gang of sídhe bikers–one of whom claims to be her fated mate.

Link ~

Excerpt Monday ~ A Wrong Turn Towards Love by Pepper Pace


Blurb ~

A darkly comedic adventure befalls a lone black woman that takes a wrong turn, which leads to murder, the Klan and a big sexy mountain man named Bodie. This short story first appeared in Seduction; An Interracial Romance Anthology. Warning; graphic depictions include sex and language of racism.

Excerpt ~

He suddenly hit the brakes with a screech. Through the rearview window he caught a glimpse of the woman stalking out of the door…though he didn’t care about that, but he also saw Sully Pranger skulking along in the dark trailing her in the woods.
Sully was an odd fella, kept to himself mostly, but he had been known to raise seven kinds of hell when the mood struck him.
Also, Bodie knew that he had some definite ties to the Klan. The other fellas in the bar might talk a lot of shit, but Sully skulking around in the dark was a different matter.
Bodie did a U-turn, being sure to keep the woman spotlighted in his headlights.
She was pissed at that. But at least Sully disappeared.
Bodie got out of his truck, engine still running.
“What in the hell are you doing?” The woman demanded when he was standing a few feet from her.
Bodie peered into the darkness of the woods but Sully was gone. He gave the woman his attention. She was so petite that he towered over her, but she didn’t seem the least bit intimidated.
“Thought you might need some help.”
The lady blinked, appalled at the nerves of this man.
“You were just in that bar. I could have used some help then.”
“Looked like you were handling yourself fine to me.”
She walked around him. “I don’t need your help, thank you very much!”
“You having car problems?” he yelled after her.
“Yes. And I already called AAA. They’re sending someone right out,” she said without looking back.
“No they ain’t.”
She stopped and gave him a hard look. “What are you talking about?”
Bodie headed back to his truck. Sully was nowhere to be seen and frankly, the lady was a bitch. He wasn’t pressed to help her.
He climbed into his truck yelling over his shoulder. “Because I’m the wrecker in these parts and I didn’t get a page.”
“Well you can’t be the only tow truck around here!” She called out.
“Yup.” He shut his door and drove off.

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The Billionaire’s Nanny 1: The Contract (Interracial Billionaire Romance) by Cate Troyer (Apr 8, 2014)

The East Lake Collection by Sara Hooper (Apr 8, 2014)

Someone to Watch Over Me by Serenity King, Debra Stang and FantasiaFrogDesign Cover Artist (Apr 7, 2014)

The White Vampire Complete Saga (Books 1-4) by JJ Jones (Apr 7, 2014)

Heated Pleasures by Candy Caine (Apr 7, 2014)

Drawing Me To Him by Keiran Kelly (Apr 7, 2014)


Those are the books we found around the way  this week! Had an IR/MC release and don’t see your book here? Email your IR/MC release to irmcbooks (at) hotmail (dot) com

Saturday Free Reads

The Seduction Vow (The Promise Series) by Bonnie Dee (Feb 7, 2014)

 Promise Series book 1
After an abruptly ended engagement, Graciela Ramirez is dying of a broken heart AND has to attend her friend’s wedding as the only member of her old group who’s still a virgin. On a quest to reinvent herself as bolder, braver and sexier, she tries crazy new things and intends to have a one night stand. Catapulted into the dating game once more, Graci never expects that Neal, the hot musician she literally runs into at a bar, might be her second chance at love. He’s supposed to be her transition guy, but love doesn’t arrive on a schedule and that annoying virginity may not be as easy to lose as she’d hoped.

Duty and Pleasure

By: Lynn Chantale
Pressures from work have kept Nathan from seeing his girlfriend the last two weeks, and he knows she’s not pleased. When he finds her in his office wearing a smirk and little else, he can only hope she’s there to show him the error of his ways.

Shauna understands that Nathan’s job is important to him, but so is she. She hopes a private session in his office will remind him of the passion they share. There’s more to life than duty…there’s pleasure.

Fridays Featured Cover Art ~ Plucking the Pearl by Afton Locke

This cover is hawt! And the blurb made me look twice. A win/win in my book.


When Pearl’s sheltered life shatters in the 1930s with her mother’s death, her only option is to move in with poor relatives and shuck oysters in the local plant on Oyster Island, Maryland.
Determined to live a morally proper life, the last thing she wants is an affair with a white man, but Caleb, the plant owner, knows a pearl when he sees one. The successful widower is the “oyster king” of the island, but his intense desire for his forbidden new employee, a woman of color, threatens everything he’s built.
What begins as a private sexual liaison flowers into strong feelings that don’t fit the social mores of the island. When their secret is discovered, they risk losing everything. They dared to pluck the pearl, but will their love be strong enough to keep it forever?


Thursday Thoughts: It’s good to be the villain!

I must confess I can’t resist a well written villain. There is something about evil wrapped in the supple veneer of suave elegance. When the villain has a twinkle of mirth, that indicates they know they’re bad and revel in it, my heart does a pitter patter. The art of balancing a villain on that fine edge of evil genius and criminally insane is precarious and when an author or movie maker gets it right, I mourn a little once the villain is eventually defeated. I’m quite possibly an odd duck but I don’t think I’m the only one at there that has such a predilection. It must be noted that these types of characters are not the bad boy or the anti-hero, they are often evil incarnate and I think that’s what makes the allure of attraction that much more dangerous. To see a connection of attraction, to feel a spark of longing for an individual that is beyond redemption is counter to what all good boys and girls are raised to feel. There will be no happy ending once you go down that path, but some how the quirk of their sinfully formed lips or the soft utterance of their voice, whispering all of the naughty things they plan to do, causes one to shiver and rethink the virtue of being good.

One day I’m going to write my sexy villain that shuns the normal convictions of a happy ever after, and pair him with a heroine that casts asides the confines of being “good” to sail off with him on his expensive yacht into the sunset. I’ve even found inspiration in the latest Jaguar ad with Tom Hiddleston, because clearly, who wouldn’t enjoy being his side kick in a life of villainy.